Jouri Frazer

Tears Of The Sky - Poem by Jouri Frazer

She sits alone in the rain and sand
On a beach under darkened sky
And in her hand an orchid stands
As the clouds above pass her by
She doesn’t know how she got in this place
Or for that matter why
And the only memory she has
Is the last teardropp from her eye

Why she weeps and why she cries she truly doesn’t know
But even the tears and sea and rain Can’t drown her fears and woes
And though she cries She can’t take her eyes
Off of the blackened sea
It’s as if she’s in a trance as the wind starts to dance
Rocking her gentily
The gentle breeze is soothing as it blows the cooling mist
And for a moment she’s at ease till she sees the orchid in her fist

She doesn’t remember it’s origin or how it got in her hand
And why she feels attached to it she doesn’t understand
She feels closeness to the flower and clenches it in her fist
Even so she’s still all alone in the beaches rain and mist
It’s as if seeing the sea is all that keeps her sane
And as the sky continues to cry
It seems to feel her pain

She doesn’t ask herself why she cries
For to her there’s no because
Because to her this is all that’s left
Or maybe all there ever was
She continues with her weeping
Mirroring the rain
And between the drops and pitter plops
Her heart sobs in her veins

She suddenly gets a feeling
Like people often do
A feeling she tries to hold back
But the feeling pushes through
Don’t ask me what the feeling is
For to me and her it’s strange
It could be shock or maybe fright
Or even violent rage

This feeling that she’s feeling
It’s wrapped around her tight
And a single spot on the beach
Is where she focuses her sight
Soft footsteps graze the sand
And soon all is clear
As through the mist and toward the sea
A young girl ventures near

An umbrella lay above her head
And she wore a pretty dress
Twas on the beaches edge she tread
As she was watched with cautiousness
She simply stopped and stared
Into the endless abyss
And let the breeze blow her cares away
And not one of them was missed

The watchers eyes grew wet again
And tears fell out once more
As she cried with all the force
Of all who’ve cried before
The rain poured down stronger now
And riled the restless sea
The girl fell down and felt her heart pound
As she regained her memory

She fell to her knees
Before the restless seas
And began to feel nearly ill
As she kneeled and cried her drowning eyes
Grew blurred and blurrier still
And through the rain
Her shrieks rang
and the empty air they filled

Not a word she said
as her eyes grew red
from the force of the falling tears
and the girl in the dress
seemed to care less
and continued her watery leer
What happens next leaves me vexed and even I can’t explain
But It seemed to be at least to me a link from the weepers pain

The girl who cried weeped and sighed
As she gasped and shrieked and sledged
Which earned a stare
From the girl who dared
To gaze on the beaches edge
The young girl looked amazed and shook
As if she’d had a vision of foresight
And she seemed to sense the crying girls painful weeping plight

The weeping girl…shook and thrashed about
And she almost choked on her tears
as they continued raining out
She screamed and screamed in the sandy clay
As wilder grew the rain and spray
As she watched the young girls shaken leer
Her foggy mind grew very clear
As the air of tragedy came drawing near

After gazing upon the girl in the dress
A scary thought made her flinch
For there in the young girls hand an orchid lay tightly clenched
Then came the giant wave
And it swallowed the young girl whole
The weeping girl knew now that she was the young one’s soul
Then her memories left again but the pain remained
As she sat back in the sand doomed to watch her death again.

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  • (7/3/2008 9:58:00 AM)

    Dang... Very Very powerful poem, i Like this poem alot =D (Report) Reply

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  • (6/7/2008 9:06:00 PM)

    wow. i love this poem. it caught my attention in the beginning and kept it to the end.. very good. excellent. (Report) Reply

  • (4/3/2008 1:28:00 PM)

    A very nice story. Thank you. (Report) Reply

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