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Tell It Like It Is (Explicit) - Poem by Milo Lone Elk

She said, 'tell it like it is.'

In the other room, I hear her voice
10 years old by the door
Through the cracks
She's on the floor
I look at her, she looks back at me
Her eyes full of tears
Her dad just wont leave her alone
The leather of the belt and the buckle
Burns in her skin and bones
All the way down to her heart and soul
My eyes full of hate and I need to spit this out
To burst and stop this trick right now
Grab the bat and swing my best
All I need is one chance, one good hit
To the dome, his knee and then his neck
Bring him down, grab her hand and end this right now
To fly away and never come back
To say fcuk this place
And leave this town
From the projects, from this ugly mess
But it doesn't work that way
Once shackled, you shackled for life
She shakes her head at me in horrific agony
And I step back down, watching her helplessly
As she takes her licks
Feeling her misery
As she cries out in pain
My eyes full of hatred and adversity
To spring out and fight with all the fight that is in me
But she told me no
I fall back and sadness is all I can see
Held her in my arms
As the drunken dad walks away
I held her close, wiping the tears away
Trying to take away the hurt as best as I can
But we both knew it was only another day
In this god awful mess
No way to stop whats coming to us
The wound is red and deep
Blood trickles with anger
Oh so much to be mad about
Spilling on the floor with hatred and doubt
Shouting why the fcuk this has to happen to us
That life isn't what I thought it be
Good parents, good life in the bright light
But all I see is fcuking lies
Nothing but beatings and screams at night
Endless parties and drunken mikes
Hidden knives under the hooded shirt
Backstabbing friends and easy drugs in the hood
Shootings and seeing your best friends die
So young so innocent
Lost to the streets and trying to survive
Finding food to eat bc your mom wont feed you
Starving with what little pieces you have stolen to get you by
Scavenging the places for nickels and dimes
Looking across and see these rich people
And their expensive cars
Eating 3 course meals and dining with happy smiles
Not a care in the world that we are across the street
Suffering like this
Behind the velvet cloak that
shrouds this fcuked up life of mine
We are the Sufferer and the Witness
Waiting for someone to look at us
To see through the lies
To see us on our knees and begging
For you to save us from this fight
But they continue on, so we continue to fight
To destroy what good in our hearts
Corrupted and poisoned
To let go what innocent beauty that use to defined
Who we are

So I say with a thundering beat
This is what the fcuk I have to say
That through the leagues of our pain
The sight of her should explain everything
Like moth to a flame
We burn like we suppose to be
Through the hopelessness and misery
That if you could see her eyes that day
Painted with the innocent love;
With endless tears and sadness
Look in her eyes
Look in her crying soul
See the beauty behind the shadow
Behind the forgotten door
You will see that beauty that was lost
Now all faded away like a dying rose

If only you can see this
The bleeding heart and soul
Through seasons past and time changes
Hidden behind this life of ours
We hope that you can save us
Somehow in some way
Let us out of our dark and forgotten cages
Before we forever lose ourselves today

Topic(s) of this poem: sadness

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 20, 2010

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