Tell Mbeki, Tell Zuma And Remind Mandela Poem by macaulay akinbami

Tell Mbeki, Tell Zuma And Remind Mandela

Please go for me to south Africa
Not to live but to deliver a message to Mandela
Tell Mbeki,
Tell Zuma,
Remind Mandela.
That we bore their shame yesterday
When apartheid soldiers did them wrong
Take this letter to Mbeki
And all the tribes,
We are sorry,
We thought same blood ran in us all
And little knowledge for the bitter anger of brother felon
Tell the Pedi
Tell the Sotho
Tell the Tswana it is a fault and we are the fools
When blood spilt in anger of invading foreigners
And helplessness bore the shame of the barrel
While a brother in Gaul languished in pain
We prayed,
We fasted,
We hungered in hope for an end to the oppression
Tell the Venda
Tell the Xhosa
Tell the Khoisans we shall never revenge as fools
To kill the innocent needing a safe harbour
Chasing with weapons and barrels in flaming fury
That brother fellow find temporal rest in far off climes
No we take the blame to journey
To see the wounded now recovering mother land
Tell the Hottentots to cool off in the Atlantic
As we are now ashamed of a selfish brother in this trying time
Tell Mandela
And tell Mbeki
Remind Zuma that evil rest in the bossom of fools.

Shame on all the leaders of African people
Who left their citizen to the brazen wickedness of the Xenophobes of South Africa

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