Tempest Poem by Elizabeth Jones


Rating: 5.0

A petal falls and comes to float
Upon a lake of placid still.
Like gentle sway of empty boat,
Oblivious to early morning chill.

Upon the surface it skims along,
Mirrored reflection in tranquil glass.
Deaf to melodious dawn chorus-song,
A fleeting moment, come to pass.

The wisps of cloud that streak the sky,
A temperate blessing of heaven's grace.
Glowing glorious, canvas upon high.
Our private, secret dwelling place.

Verduous branches cast cool soft shades
That overhang, their boughs sweet harbour,
Along the shore and leafy glades,
Sheltered seclusion for lover's ardor.

Through dappled light of sunrise-show,
In the gentle caress of playful breeze,
A rustle of countless leaves that glow,
Incandescent bloom of flaming trees.

Where numberless shadows, downward cast,
Dance in merry sun-cast mirth.
An undulating, perfumed viridian mass,
Upon the luscious soft green earth.

Lay with she, her hair a-braid,
Enticing scent of honeysuckle sweet,
And in the distance, valley-glades,
Swaying fields of golden wheat.

Rising sun with molten gold doth dress,
Two bodies, one head resting soft upon a breast,
That warmth surrounds and affectionately caress,
The steady beating of wanting heart in chest.

Soft lips touch to share honeyed dew,
Flushed cheeks burning as we dined.
Adrift in eyes as passion grew.
Hand in hand, lost fingers intertwined.

Eyes clenched shut as light to dark,
Sight became shadow under nature's shroud.
Scorching fingertips burn hot their mark,
As upon whispered breaths our love avowed.

With each trembling touch our worlds collide.
No breathing soul with heart so warm,
In such serene a place could turn,
A placid heart to raging storm.

Two become one as each become whole.
An irresistible, desperate, aching urge
To consume a beauty of angel, stole
In the frenzied swell of tempest surge.

Where beauty cannot fail to keep
Such radiant eyes from impassioned gaze,
Upon the midnight, perilous ocean-deep,
Pour forth and set the world ablaze.

Heavy cloud as dark as night,
Whipping wind, vicious and feral,
Fingers gripping, fists clenched tight;
Tipping danger in exquisite peril.

Gasping need, storm's breath that roars,
A hot-blooded, intense and fervid capture.
Like violent crash of waves on shore,
An inflamed release of sunrise rapture.

Clutched with greed, the richest treasure,
Blessed be those that feel such bliss.
Sinking into pain and pleasure,
Heaving chest soothed gently with a kiss.

Murmured words of softest light
Calm the waves of turbulent squall.
Opening eyes to dazzling sight,
Embraced by arms to cease the fall.

Like blossom caught upon a summer's breeze,
Rising heavenward, far away they soar.
My heart, my gift for you to seize,
At least forever, evermore.

Monday, February 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Khairul Ahsan 12 February 2014

This poem is an absolute beauty! One of the best that I've read here. Fleeting moments, described with poetic adornments. Clear and vivid imaginations at its peak, portrayed so nicely! A priceless, poetic imagery! I couldn't have imagined a more picturesque description! Your 6th stanza reminds me of Wordsworth's 'Daffodils', which I quote: 'Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.'...and 'Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.' The poem portrays an amazing, eye soothing imagery that only a true, original poet can draw! 'Two bodies, one head resting soft upon a breast, That warmth surrounds and affectionately caress, The steady beating of wanting heart in chest.' - Absolutely stunning! 'As upon whispered breaths our love avowed.' - Wow! I can hear the whisper, I can feel the heat! 'With each trembling touch our worlds collide.' The best line ever! Superb and scintillating! I can see the tempest gathering, in an otherwise placid scenario, from here on! 'My heart, my gift for you to seize, At least forever, evermore.' -So soothing! Thank you! I've rated the poem 10/10 for the exquisite imagery, that is simply wonderful! . Looking forward to reading many more like this. Best wishes.............

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