That Thing Under My Pant Poem by Michael Eziudo

That Thing Under My Pant

Would you not look for what you look for elsewhere
Would it be below my waist you chose to bury your head
I am the world's innocent Lolita
And you are the lecher
That never blinks his eyes at the passing of anything in a skirt
All your hunting days you hunt for it
That thing under my pant

In a world of agreement and settlement made I go with you
Although goals of procreation set but your demand is here
No matter how drunk you get with wine
The satisfaction you sort is here
And a denial of it can land you in the grave
As I know you can't live without air and water
I also know you won't last long without a taste of this
That thing under my pant

No matter how strong his muscles no mater his artellary and weapon
No matter his bravery and war skills
No matter his gruesomeness and his prowess
No matter his power and his fame and splendor
No matter how brutal or how uncanny
He goes down to his knees at the flaunting of this one thing I carry
That thing under my pant

You come with force you get it in my pain
And with my curse
You come in kind you get it in my joy
And with my blessing
Nations have been built and nations have been ruined
All in the control of this one thing
That thing under my pant

My chests bear no glory
My skin bears no valour
But the life of the world's governor is tied here
Tonight the world's governor can himself be changed by my command
For I am the leader of the leaders
I have it all in my command
The power of this one thing
That thing under my pant

But I wonder in the creation of the creator
Is sugar sweet?
Is milk and honey delicious?
I have not seen in all that is named
One that is compared to this thing beneath my waist
Non that I can think of

They may reject certain food and certain drinks
They may say no to principles and dogmas
And may even fight to show hates of what they hate
One man is allergic to something in his life
But no one man is allergic to this
One man can reject something of all that is created
No one man can reject this raw ego-building food
This maker put man in my palms when he gave to me this one thing that conditions him
That thing under my pant

Man is humble to me
His mind is busied everyday and so is his body
The reason is not far-fetched
He comes in splendor and displays his ego
Without this what is his show-off for
From his birth to his making and to his dying
All he is marks what a man's life is all about
The chase to satisfy and to please the carrier of
That thing under my pant

Man you are in my command and I'm the head for this sake
That thing under my pant
Unto which for forever you'll bow
Unto which for which you'll remain my slave
Should this be to make you know I know what I carry
And shall begin to make use of it
That thing under my pant

Thursday, August 17, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: control,power,womanhood
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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