The A To Z Of Happiness Poem by AiR Atman in Ravi

The A To Z Of Happiness

Do you want to be Happy? Do you want to Smile? Do you want to remain in Bliss, all the while?
Do you want to Discover, how to always be Glad?
Do you want Freedom from being miserable and sad?
Then, just follow the A to Z of Happiness
And you will reach the state of Eternal Bliss

What is happiness? Do you even know?
It's about that Smile that gives your face a glow
It is being Joyous, it is being Blissful
It is being Peaceful, it is being Cheerful
True Happiness is being free from misery and stress
It is Eternal Happiness that comes from Truth Consciousness

We have been taught that Happiness is Pleasure
Believing in this myth, we have lost the Treasure!
We believe that Success is Happiness and seek Achievement
We don't realize that true Happiness is Fulfilment!
We are so lost in a life of excitement
We don't discover the ultimate peak of Enlightenment

Happiness is not Pleasure that comes from winning a race
When will we get out of the anxiety of the chase?
True Happiness is living in Tranquillity and Peace
It is a state where all miseries cease
The Truly Happy one discovers the Purpose of his Birth
Blissful is he, who knows why he came to earth!

We all seek Pleasure, we don't want Pain
But why do we become unhappy, again and again?
We want to experience Peace, Love and Bliss
But we live in Fear, Anxiety and Unhappiness!
Little do we realize that the culprit is the Mind
It steals our Joy and Peace, making us Blind!

If we want to be Happy, we must flip from NEP to PEP
From Negative to Positive, first, we must take this step
We must kill the Mind that says, it's King
Still the monkey that causes suffering!
We must pull the Triggers that will make us Glad
And eliminate those Joy Stealers that make us Sad!

There is a way to be Happy, at all times
It is not just about Money, Nickels and Dimes!
Of course, Money can give us Pleasure, it can make us Smile
But Money can't buy Happiness, all the while!
If we want that state of Ultimate Happiness
We must flip from Mind to Consciousness

Let us learn the Secrets that can create Bliss
Make others Happy and you can have Happiness
We can be Happy if we Give before we are gone
And not be miserable and again be Reborn!
If we discover Karma, the Law of Action
We can learn to be Happy without a toxic Reaction

The Secret of Happiness is to Accept, not to Wonder
To eliminate all Hope and live in Surrender
Happiness is neither in a ‘Yesterday' that is gone
Nor is Happiness in ‘Tomorrow', not yet born!
Truly Happy is the one who makes this vow
He will be Happy, ‘Today', living in the ‘Now'

If you want Eternal Happiness, start a Quest
Unlearn what you have learned, put your beliefs to test
Happiness is something else, get to the root
Overcome Ignorance and realize the Truth
To be Happy, first tame your Monkey Mind
Then, Bliss, Love and Peace, you will Find!

Eternal Happiness is when we discover the Purpose of Life
Then, we are free from all misery and strife
When we realize, we are not the Body, Ego or the Mind
We are the Divine Soul, when this Truth we find
Then, we are Liberated from the Triple Suffering on earth
We can sing, dance and live with Mirth

To be Truly Happy, we must achieve this Goal
Not live as the Body or Mind but as the Soul
We must realize this world is a Leela, a Cosmic Show
We are mere actors, we come and we go
When we realize that everything is Maya, a Cosmic Illusion
Then, we escape from all sadness and delusion!

Enlightenment is the Ultimate Peak of Bliss, of Happiness
It is a state of living in Consciousness
It is living like a Yogi, in Eternal Bliss
United with the Divine, free from unhappiness
Just learn the Happy Mantra and live in Bliss Just follow The A to Z of Happiness

Happiness is a Paradox, don't try to be Glad
‘I want to be Happy! ' this will make you Sad
Happiness is within, for Bliss, do not search
Don't think you will be Happy in a temple or a church
Rejoice in ‘Today'! Don't think you will be Happy ‘Tomorrow'!
Just choose to be Happy and wipe away all Sorrow

If you really want to be Happy, just listen to me!
For I have learned how, from Misery, to be Free!
I have myself evolved from Achievement to Fulfilment
I have experienced the Bliss that comes from Enlightenment
Just follow me and you are sure to live with a Smile
My A to Z will give you Bliss, all the while!

The A To Z Of Happiness
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