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What's the use of crying, in a Yesterday that's gone?
What's the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?
Why not live in bliss and joy and peace?
In the present moment be happy, be happy, can we please?

If Success was Happiness

Then achievers would be glad

I am not who I am!
I have a body, but am I the body?
I have a mind, but am I the mind?
I have an ego, but am I the ego?

There is a simple solution for World Peace
A way that the whole world must know
When we Overcome our Ignorance and Realize the Truth
Then we will peacefully enjoy the show


Life is a mystery ‑ We can't track its history
It may seem to start at birth and seem to end at death
But what seems to be life's end…
is but a bend to transcend

Chicken or egg - what came first?
Can't find an answer that will quench my thirst.
"Of course, " said the chicken, "it was me.
Without me, how could the egg ever be? "

One day when life was full of peace

My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?

What is life all about?
Is it just pleasure, is it to scream and shout?
Is it success, that will ultimately burn out?
Or is it about Peace that we must look out?

We all want to be Happy
We pray to God for bliss
But where does God truly live
This point we sadly miss

Are you the body that is sure to die?
Or are you the one who will go into the sky?
Why don't you stop and find out, 'Who am I? '
Then, there will be no need to cry

What is Happiness? Is it Success?
Is it Achievement that creates so much stress?
Success creates money that creates Pleasure and Bliss
But this is not what true Happiness is!

I am not who I am!
I have a Body but am I the Body?
I have a Mind but am I the Mind?
I have an Ego but am I the Ego?

Shivoham Shivoham
May you realize God within!
Do you have Faith in God?
Do you Love the Lord?

Who am I? Why am I here?
What is the Purpose of my life, my dear?
When somebody asks me, 'What is the Truth? '
I tell them to get to the bottom of the root

What are you going to do with 'Today'?
Are you going to just let it slip away?
Are you going to be Sad or are you going to be Glad?
Are you going to be caught in some useless Thought?

The Mind is a Rascal, it makes me fear
It robs my Bliss, it robs my Cheer
It makes me think, it is the King
But in fact, it causes my suffering

What is Karma? Karma means Action
It is the Law of Action and Reaction
If we sin, if we do bad, we will weep What we sow is what we will reap

Do you want to be Happy? Do you want to Smile? Do you want to remain in Bliss, all the while?
Do you want to Discover, how to always be Glad?
Do you want Freedom from being miserable and sad?
Then, just follow the A to Z of Happiness

Let us win over our Greatest Sin!
The most important journey, let's begin 
This will be life's biggest win
Realizing we are not this body, this skin

Who are you and Why are you Here?
Why did you come to Earth, my Dear?
Begin your Quest, do not Fear!

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Be Happy In The Now!

What's the use of crying, in a Yesterday that's gone?
What's the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?
Why not live in bliss and joy and peace?
In the present moment be happy, be happy, can we please?

Be happy in the NOW, this moment is a Gift
Smile and dance and celebrate, don't just exist or drift
It is in this moment, that we can choose to be happy and glad Let's not
lose this moment, to memories that make us sad

Yesterday is a place, that we just can't go
The past is an illusion, it's like a dream- a stage show
There is no way of being happy, in a moment that has passed
The only thing it will give us, regrets that will last

The future doesn't exist, it's just another dream
It looks so very real, as long as we worry and scream
How can we be happy in an illusion of the mind?
Let's wake up to the NOW, let's not be blind
Everybody wants to be happy, who doesn't want this gift?
Who doesn't want to enjoy their life with a lift?
Everybody wants pleasure, nobody wants pain
But they look for it in wrong places, stressed and in vain

Of course, we can be happy, in every moment of life
It's a choice for us to live, with happiness or strife
If we decide that we want bliss, joy, and peace
Then we must be happy before this moment will cease

Happiness is not only becoming a millionaire in this world
Are the rich the only ones happy? See this truth unfold
There are many who are fulfilled and content in life
Though they have little, they are happy and they smile

What's the secret of happiness? It's being happy in the NOW
Not shuttling from the past to the future, we must not go
We must learn to remain in the present moment with ease
Then bliss, joy, and happiness will blow like the breeze

Our mind is like a monkey, it jumps here and there It doesn't let us be happy, it wanders like a hare
If we truly want happiness, turn the monkey into a monk Being in the present moment fixed like a tree runk
The way to joy is ‘Surrender', to the Lord's divine will
Not living with hope and expectations, not worrying about bills
The future will unfold, as per the Lord's divine plan It's for us to be happy, whatever comes in our pan

Why live in regrets, of the past that's already gone
It's the Master's wish that happened, why regret all that's done?
The way to joy is to accept the Lord's divine will And not curse and nurse, and rehearse every ill

Happiness is simple, if we learn to live in the NOW
Joy and bliss are possible, for those who go with the now It's not in the
future, nor in the past, but in the present
We must realize that happiness happens moment by moment

Be happy in the NOW, that's the only way to be
Don't be worried in tomorrow, to there we cannot see
Don't rehearse the past that's dead and gone
Be happy in this moment, as if we were just born

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