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Success Is Not Happiness. Happiness Is Success

If Success was Happiness

Then achievers would be glad

Be Happy In The Now!

What's the use of crying, in a Yesterday that's gone?
What's the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?
Why not live in bliss and joy and peace?
In the present moment be happy, be happy, can we please?

A Simple Solution For World Peace!

There is a simple solution for World Peace
A way that the whole world must know
When we Overcome our Ignorance and Realize the Truth
Then we will peacefully enjoy the show

I Am Not I. Who Am I?

I am not who I am!
I have a body, but am I the body?
I have a mind, but am I the mind?
I have an ego, but am I the ego?


Life is a mystery ‑ We can't track its history
It may seem to start at birth and seem to end at death
But what seems to be life's end…
is but a bend to transcend

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