roy may

The Adventure - Poem by roy may

The young lad sat in the old school room
To him the place felt like a tomb
He knew that he would be leaving soon
He felt restless

He got a job on the factory floor
This just seemed to be a bore
So he quit when he could take no more
The world was there to see

He packed his gear in an ancient grip
And set out on an adventure trip
To the Pool of London to join a ship
And ran away to sea

Ten men packed in a cabin tight
Snoring and breaking wind all night
But he could cope with this all right
He was on the move

Soon they were landing on foreign shores
Where they took on cargo and fresh stores
And drank and brawled and slept with whores
Then off again to sea

He saw the turtles and sharks and whale
Ships under steam and under sail
Felt both the roll of a force ten gale
And the calm of an island lee

He thought of lads he had left at school
On the factory floor or playing pool
Knowing that they would be missing it all
Glad he wasn’t with them

Through Suez or the Panama
Rio or to Zanzibar
Nowhere seemed to be too far
To tie up at a quay

He had crossed the Great Australian Bight
Where gigantic waves all toped with white
Sparkling with Phosphorescent light
Came crashing over the foc’sle

He’d watched lovely Polynesian girls
Diving naked in search of pearls
The vision blurred as the water swirls
Some vision

He’d stood on deck when a seamen died
Watched the corpse slipped over the side
Sinking slowly under the tide
Gone forever

He’d sailed beneath the Golden Gate
By Alkatraz where the convicts wait
All hoping to dodge a grisly fate
Electric chair

He’d seen bars explode in a vicious fight
Or sometimes sat on a tropic night
Watching fireflies flash iridescent light
How relaxing

He’d seen men crazy through too much dope
Sailed round the horn and the cape of hope
Been offered a woman for a bar of soap
That’s poverty

He travelled the globe both far and nigh
From the Norway fjord to old Shanghai
This was the life of sea and sky
This was the life for he

He’d met with the hero and with the liar
Saw the sun go down like a ball of fire
Thought of this life he would never tire
Things were changing

At last he went to his old home town
He wasn’t planning to settle down
Just looking to see who was still around
That’s where he met her

He was living a life that was free and wild
Stopped dead in his tracks when a maiden smiled
From that moment on he was beguiled
He was smitten

This girl was a very pretty thing
With hair as black as the ravens wing
Soon he brought her a wedding ring
Said farewell to the sea

All the things he’d done and seen
Were real life not on a TV screen
This is what a full life is supposed to mean
At last he felt settled

Now he sits in his old arm chair
Knowing this pretty girls still there
Both now having grey in their hair
He looks at her lovingly

His mind drifts back to his former life
Before he married his darling wife
With whom he’s shared both fun and strife
Knowing he’s been lucky

He could never have stuck to the same routine
Years without a change of scene
Living like that would simply mean
Life wasted

Looking back on the life he’d had
Now happily married, once 'Jack the Lad'
There’d been good times, there’d been bad
None boring

Soon enough you find your old
Your bones will ache and you feel the cold
Your memories are all you hold
Be sure to get some

So come on you youngsters use your nut
Don’t get stuck in a dead end rut
Don’t hesitate get off your butt
This is not a rehearsal

Don’t waste your time on your PC
Trying to get to level three
There’s a wonderful world out there to see
Go for it! ! !

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