roy may

True Values - Poem by roy may

I’ve lived a full three score and ten and seen a thing or two,
of life and death and love and hurt and pleasure.
Is it just age or memory that now distorts my view
of things that I believe mankind should treasure?

I have seen technology transform the world I’ve known,
with mobile phone and aeroplane and car
People are now valued by the property they own,
and not by what their like, or who they are.

Our shops are now Cathedrals for materialistic greed,
as we strive to own the very latest trash.
We seem to be confusing what we want with what we need,
till even time itself converts to cash.

So what is this Utopia were trying to achieve,
why do we grasp at everything man made?
I feel mans not as clever as some of us believe,
for nature really leaves us in the shade

Who can build a butterfly, a flower or a bee
a sunset or the lightning from above?
Who can match the vastness of the lonely open sea
or the all consuming passion we call love?

We can organise a cricket match or grow a bumper crop,
these small tasks are well within our power,
Yet the second may be ruined and the first be made to stop,
when Mother Nature treats us to a shower.

I have walked the earth’s great continents, and sailed the mighty sea.
Seen the Pole Star and the wondrous Southern Cross.
Throughout these great adventures it was obvious to me,
that Mother Nature always was the boss.

I have no time for Religion and I don’t believe in God.
I'm for Darwin's 'Origin of Species'.
Nature struggles for survival in ways we think are odd.
Whilst we build bombs to blow mankind to pieces.

I believe our treasures are the people that we love,
and to natures diverse beauty we should bow.
For if I’m wrong and there is an Almighty up above,
I wonder what he thinks of us right now.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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