Adeosun Olamide

The Alleluia Soloist In Hell - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

Why my hands
bearing cuffs brace-let, I bid thee?

Where my legs is led
thro this dark, I ask ye?

Why am I put thro
this path of thorns?

Why is there flame up head?
And ash is ‘here?
Whence- the wailings heard?

O ye angels-
Cherubic- I ask
O ye angels-
Seraphic- I beg

Why you silent
O ye angels?
Have I wrong thee
With my words- be?
I kneel your feet
And sue pardon
Thy mercy!

Why flee me
Forbid touch mine
You do! ?

O ye angels-
Tell me-
I beckon still

I seek to sing
Where Heaven thrones dwell
And crusade celestial city
With grace

But wailings whither
I am led-

I have Godliness lived earth of filth
I bathe the sick and hunger’ry fed
I blanketed forlorn, sheltered lost
I devout commandments core
And prayed!

Why am I led
thro the gates of hell?
Why am I let
thro the gates- condemned
There's no hearing, not at all-
For me

O ye angels
Cherubic- Tell me

Will my pure heart burn in here, I ask
That this- trophy my race, say now
To be delivered this torment
How's fair?

Where is my wrong
O ye angels?

I have pure heart, you see it
I protest this, you hear
None may worthy sight God
My righteousness may be- filth thy eyes
But by grace Christ, my counsel
Certain a guiltless verdict

O ye angels
Cherubic- Tell him
He must have seen me in kneels
He would clear thro, this mistake
Perhaps, earn you- a query
But I shall plead- your behalf
O ye angels
Seraphim- Hear me

Alleluia hears,
Wailings of hell

O ye angels- I ask
Not be cast in pit- this hell

If its Gods will
Let his will be be!
He knows all-
He sees my heart
And if I worthy not presence
Then ye angels
Tell my Christ, story
Tell him, sorry
Didn’t mean- fail him so
And let his pain and anguish to naught!
O ye angels-
I ask thee

So is written of me
That my wrong- untold
And my guilt is held
All a chastise

Perhaps selfish
Be wrong I deeds-
For seek Gods city
Let others down
They requested company
Sailing sins-
Perhaps be too
Desire Gods holy
Or was I pure to hypocrisy unknown?

Yet nothing shall hinder
To sing Alleluia
Alleluia, Alleluia
Not hell shall hinder!

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