The Alpha Bet! Poem by Denis Martindale

The Alpha Bet!

All that I'm doing writing here,
Believe it, yes or no,
Concerns the letters I can steer,
Determined as I go.
Expressing thoughts that I can pen,
For just one purpose now,
God knows it's hard, but once again,
He helps me out somehow...
I'd like to think I can succeed,
Just one line at a time,
Keep well aware of what I need,
Link every single rhyme,
My hopes, of course, are halfway done,
Not much that's left to do,
Often to pause, as one-by-one,
Perhaps they'll get me through...
Quick thinking helps towards the end,
Rhymes working out quite well,
So worth the time I had to spend
To tell the tale I tell...
Unfolding letters A to Z,
Vocabulary used,
With fast-approaching sense of dread,
X could not be refused...
Yet here I am! The bet is won!
Zealous Denis got it done!

Denis Martindale, copyright, November 2013.

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