The Angel She Sight (Part - 3) Poem by Anoushka Sinha

The Angel She Sight (Part - 3)

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Suzy's expressions changed,
like she was trying to remember
'your face is so familiar' she exclaimed!
but i have'nt met you ever
Oh lord! i think i know you?
said the angel in rapture
don't you remember me, do you?
oh so much memories to capture..
we were best friends in 6th grade
more like sisters were we,
judith but you called me jade
so we meet again finally!
Suzy stood there puzzled
how can it be?
i don't remember you bieng an angel,
atleast not in my memory
No! of course not, i was'nt dead yet
how can i be an angel then?
Oh how can i ever forget
i wish that time comes again
So if you're now an angel
that means your'e not alive any more? ?
this day could'nt get any weirder
condolences from my heart's core..
' I'm feeling fine
I think i better leave
i have to incline
and remember always believe'
That's when everything went dark
& in her bed suzy found herself, lying
no memories to embark
of how she got home without trying
she might forget everything else
but she still remembers that starless night
she'll remember even under a spell
the cries, the cat, and the angel she sight...

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