Anoushka Sinha Poems

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Erratic Reality

When the sun merges with the sea,
That’s when my dreams come to me.
When the sky is black as coal,
And the stars aren’t there anymore.

A Thousand Words Ago…

We speak so much,
We talk every day
And there are no such,
Words we don’t say

I'M Broken, Let Me Be

People say I'm not fixable
They can't correct what I am
My system is all so terrible
They can't correct who I am

Help Me God!

Help me god! Oh what i've done
I can't walk i've gotta run..
These days i feel like
Some showpiece just kept aside

The Angel She Sight (Part - 1)

The sky was as dark,
As the coal in the mine…
Where miss suzy worked.
To make her living just fine

~hello Father~

Hello father
she said to him in an abrasive manner
it's not her fault
she's forced to have that nature

~seven Seas~

What's beyond you?
Seven seas,
What should I do?


if u think
u know me well
in a single blink
i'll break d spell

**an Angel In The Graveyard**

i once went to grieve,
on a stormy night....
with flowers in my hand,
hoping for insight....

The Angel She Sight (Part - 2)

No, it's not something she dreamed
proved the slight pinch
Impossible it seemed
The frenzy broke with angel's flinch

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