The Aphrodite Ballads Poem by Pamella Carvalho Schenatto

The Aphrodite Ballads

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Eros, The God of lust and sex, was having an affair with the Craftsman's daughter they had a son together: Ethan. The boy since the young age got the attention of the Olympus for his assets and beauty, mainly from Aphrodite. The Goddess watch and nurture the boy until his flower age. When she thought he was already she decided to pay him a visit, enchanted by her beauty, he fell in love with her and her for his pearl coloured eyes.
So every full moon the laid together at the edges of the Achelous River.
Envy of Ethan and jealous of Aphrodite, Dioniso, who was fiercely admirer of Aphrodite, angry he went to Zeus and told that she was committing a felony with the mortal. Then as a punishment for her did, Zeus forbade her to leave the Olympus.
In the fifth full moon of the season, instead of finding Aphrodite, Ethan had found Dionisio waits for him, who explained, telling that he was a friend of the Goddess and what she had done together with the mortal was impish and Zeus had punished her for it and the only manner that he would be able to see her again was giving Zeus a gift, the most wanted gift, Hades' Crown. Naive, Ethan accepts and Dionisio leads him to the gates of the underworld.
Passed the Sea of Suffering Souls, through Hades' palace, Ethan found the crown.
Without knowing that it was made of pure fire, he grabbed it and screamed in agony until his last second.
Unable to do anything Aphrodite watched her lover burn to death. Broken heart and angry she created a curse for anyone who intervenes and gets between true love.
After Zeus was aware that he had been made a fool by Dioniso, he decides that his punishment would never be allowed to intercourse with any mortal or God for his envy. But the most painful punishment that he could receive was the hatred of Aphrodite for him until the infinity ends. So to try to diminish the pain he gets drunk every night.
Aphrodite promised to love every God and mortal that she laid with as passionate and hard as she had loved Ethan, trying to find his pearls eyes once more. But at every full moon, she went to the edges of the Achelous and cries for her lost lover

Castellenas John 16 May 2019

A amazing story written. Myth and tale are my favorite.

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Chinedu Dike 16 May 2019

An insightful narrative piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely brought forth with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing, Pamella.

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