The Attic Poem by Edwina Reizer

The Attic

Climbing the stairs to the attic up above,
she stopped a moment to think.
What will I find in the rooms so cluttered?
Everything under the sink.

For no one had been curious enough
to see what they could find.
She'd been the one in her family
to never leave anything behind.

And so she entered the musty rooms
and slowly took everything in.
The boxes, the piles and clothes of old
that belonged to most of her kin.

She tried rummaging through pictures
of people she knew right away.
And still there were other faces
whose memories did not stay.

She came upon a picture of two,
two that she did not know.
Completely mesmerized with this picture,
something inside started to grow.

An uneasiness within her heart
for the two looked just like she.
The world stood still for a minute
as she thought 'How can this be? '

And so she searched some more that day
and found her baby photo.
It was attached to a newspaper clipping
that was printed long ago.

'Baby survives. Mom and dad dead
in a terrible wreck.
No identity of the parents that died
Baby girl is just perfect.'

In her mind she knew for sure
a mom and dad had found her,
raised her, loved her as one of their own,
Her eyes all tears and blur.

She knew it was supposed to be
that the attic would always hold
a special meaning for her to keep,
knowledge she kept secret like gold.

Edwina Reizer

Edwina Reizer

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