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A family is love
That puts itself above
Everything else in this world.

I wonder as I look around
at all the beauty that I've found.
I've found it in the smallest places.
I've found it in the smiles on faces.

How can I know what I can't see?
It's never been a part of me.

How can I know what I can't hear?

When I see a tree cut down
whose life was not yet done
I look upon it with a frown
and then look at the sun.

Life is a game at which we play.
We make our moves on every day.

Some are right and some are wrong.

When the lion roars and makes himself heard
all in the jungle shall listen
As he stalks his prey from hunger he feels
on his face his eyes do glisten.

Amelia, Amelia where did you go?
They’ve searched and searched
but still we don’t know.
Oh the courage to fly in the air

Liar, liar we see the fire
coming from your mouth each day.
The fire that burns the truth
as we struggle along our way,

The frightened ballerina,
standing on her toes
stood behind the curtain
in a dainty pose.

You want to have fear?
Listen to what you hear
emanating on sound waves
approaching your ear.

A book unopened
leaves words to die.
A book unopened
leaves words to lie

Some drink to take away pain.
Some eat and try to forget.
Some think and try to just stay sane.
Some cry big tears so wet.


Why is it that man looks great
even with a bald pate?
And a woman’s crowning glory
usually has an early date

America, my America land of liberty,
what can you say has happened to thee?
Can you still say with pride
just how you feel?

The glorious days of youth don't last.
We play. We laugh and when it's passed
we wonder why it slipped away?
And when was that, on which day?

Have we lost our sense of humor?
We must laugh on every day.
For without laughter life is dull
Like a stage without a play.

Twas the night before Christmas
When all through my house
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse.

No one can see into my dreams
and so they're mine alone.
I travel places and meet old friends
and some I've never known.

Peace, please come to me.
I am the earth,
the land and the sea.
I'm home to the animals

If only we could keep
those moments from slippin' away,
grab hold of them and cherish them
and try to make them stay.

Edwina Reizer Biography

I am 76 years old and have been writing poetry for seven years. I taught music in the public schools in NJ for 25 years. I am married and have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. Many of my poems are in 16 published books and I have also published 5 children's books written in poetic form. To purchase my books please visit: http: //stores.lulu.com/reizerj I have written 170 songs and 149 of them are available for you to listen to along with videos on You tube.com They are under my name Edwina Reizer.)

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What Is Family?

A family is love
That puts itself above
Everything else in this world.

A family is trust
That's fair and just
In its treatment of each other.

A family is pride
And will never hide
Its feelings for one another.

A family is dear
And won't disappear
When things are getting tough.

A family is hope
That learns to cope
With all that comes their way.

A family is sound
With their feet on the ground
On every brand new day.

A family is kind
And will always find
The time to be together.

A family is wise
And treasures its ties
For always and forever.

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Elena Sandu 24 June 2014

Edwina Reizer, inspiring poet with so much depth and beauty, her pen melodiusly flows with words of truth, a special ink connecting to the heart, the eyes that lay on her poems would hear many whispers of the nature's tongue.

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