Edwina Reizer Poems

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Beauty Of Life

I wonder as I look around
at all the beauty that I've found.
I've found it in the smallest places.
I've found it in the smiles on faces.

What Is Family?

A family is love
That puts itself above
Everything else in this world.

A Ballad For Helen Keller

How can I know what I can't see?
It's never been a part of me.

How can I know what I can't hear?

The Death Of A Tree

When I see a tree cut down
whose life was not yet done
I look upon it with a frown
and then look at the sun.

You'Re My Sunshine

Sunshine, you're my sunshine
and without you nothing's right.
You warm me like the sunshine
when I see you in my sight.

The Game Of Life

Life is a game at which we play.
We make our moves on every day.

Some are right and some are wrong.

Survival Of The Fittest

When the lion roars and makes himself heard
all in the jungle shall listen
As he stalks his prey from hunger he feels
on his face his eyes do glisten.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia, Amelia where did you go?
They’ve searched and searched
but still we don’t know.
Oh the courage to fly in the air

Those Special Moments

If only we could keep
those moments from slippin' away,
grab hold of them and cherish them
and try to make them stay.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

Liar, liar we see the fire
coming from your mouth each day.
The fire that burns the truth
as we struggle along our way,

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