Cora Lee

The Autumn Walk - Poem by Cora Lee

She had strings tied around her limbs, which bound her limp body to her surroundings.
Unable to move or make decisions, she begged to find an escape.
She screamed and pleaded but all she got were frightened stares and hurried whispers,
In odd angles, she was tangled in the strings that held her down.

Her screams echoed off the walls, as she lay down in frustration.
Another day of countless struggles which made the strings tighter still.
This inevitably would lead to her downfall, though then she did not know,
In odd angles, she was tangled in a world she’d never call home.

Autumn came and autumn went from outside the bars she called her house,
While she sat there tied together willing herself to away.
She has no companions, for she saw no need to reveal her wounds,
In odd angles, she was tangled in these things she called her puppet strings.

The walls, they listened, to every story she’s had to tell
She could whisper all her secrets, or she could yell her words out loud.
She would lay down on the floor and speak softly to the darkness,
In odd angles, she was tangled in her strings inside a coffin.

No one came so no one went, as she sat in the corner broken,
She would pull at these things that tied her down, until her fingers were raw and bloody.
No friendly faces, just a tattered soul, to keep from her fears,
In odd angles, she was tangled inside herself, but inside grew cold.

In her dreams, she danced with the sun, which beat down on her shattered features,
She felt so free to dance, to sing as her strings lay in a crumpled heap.
Leaving behind her Autumn walk in return for a sunny escape,
In odd angles, she was tangled in a dream world all her own.

When Autumn woke up to find her world strung high above her head,
She whimpered lightly and found the courage to fight with all she had.
She shook and screamed for she hated these strings, which tied her to her fears,
In odd angles, she was tangled though soon she would be free.

One by one she pulled these strings hoping then she could stand tall.
Day after day she cut free of these things that would never regain their hold.
Although it hurt, she fought her fears until she felt the tight pull release,
In odd angles, she was tangled still, but only by one tiny thing.

Her knees shook a little as Autumn stood up to walk,
Out through the bars that had always held her in.
She gasped at the Spring sunlight and smiled just a little,
In odd angles, coming un-tangled, she knew she would never have to go back inside.

Like the sunny escape inside her dream world, Autumn left with her strings behind,
She danced and she sang with a new spring in her step,
no longer tied to her old Autumn walk.
Strong and secure she let herself run free, feeling odd that no string held her back,
In odd angles, and no longer tangled, Autumn left walking into her sunny Spring dream.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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