The Avidly Proselytised And Delusional Self-Entitlement Of God's Chosen People! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

The Avidly Proselytised And Delusional Self-Entitlement Of God's Chosen People!

By Stanley Collymore

I find it strange how you can pick
and choose what part of history
we collectively can and should
talk about. Rather notably so, Europe's
holocaust. Yet, actually far worse and
quite longer lasting atrocities like the
Transatlantic Slave Trade, the clearly
murderous Holocaust, in Southwest
Africa, now essentially independent
Namibia! The genocidal campaigns
in delusional Terra nullius Australia,
New Zealand, Canada; likewise, the
USA distinctively, similarly coupled
barbarically with those deliberately
death inducing famines essentially
simply undeniably inside India and
Ireland for example; that ruthlessly
killed millions and drove countless
numbers of others obviously away
from their indigenous, homelands!

And more recently rather similar
situations in Afghanistan, Iraq,
Libya, Syria and the ongoing
genocidal blood bath, systemically and
systematically, discernibly perpetrated
against the indigenous Palestinians in
their homeland Palestine, by evidently
barbaric European interlopers, who in
effect, rather distinctly, waste no time
in reciting Europe's one off holocaust
as if it essentially, affected only them
while quite bogusly and continuously
milking the obviously compliant, and
actually, crucially complicit Germany
for discernibly and totally exclusively
to themselves and quite significantly
also nearly 80 years after World War
2 ended, of basically still dispensing
essentially billions of Deutschmarks
quite unquestionably, wrapped up in
the distinctively Wiedergutmachung
prejudicially Compensation scheme.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
29 May 2024.

Author's Remarks:
As the evident circumstances surrounding the literally disappeared Lucan self-evidently shows, those who regard themselves and are similarly accepted as the elites can and will go out of their way to protect their own from harm or likely danger at all costs even when that particular individual is a murderer and discernibly in the wrong; and literally bearing in minds that all such individuals at the end of the day are undoubtedly human beings, which all the evident foibles, weaknesses and imperfections characteristic of Homo sapiens.

Now bearing that in mind, how is it then that a group of people vaingloriously and specifically as well categorizing themselves indubitably and explicitly as God's specifically chosen none the less still characteristically, and very contradictorily, see themselves most conveniently when it suits them as the worst treated humans on Planet Earth which unquestionably is completely under the all-powerful jurisdiction of this said omnipotent god that they allegedly worship and to whom they are supposedly irrefutably His special people. To me, a mere mortal, that stinks of blatantly hypocrisy, rank stupidity and delusional narcissism. For if Lucan's elite pals can protect him so assiduously, why would this omnipotent God not do the same in respect of his Special People? Simply thinking out aloud!

But unquestionably too from my perspective clearly shows that there is undoubtedly no cure for delusional arrogance and endemically entrenched stupidity!

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