The Ballad Of Bumble Jack-(A Bit Of Fun) Poem by Shirley Anne Alexander

The Ballad Of Bumble Jack-(A Bit Of Fun)

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Bumble Jack was a simple soul
and he had a simple plan.
He caught a train and headed west
to be a gun slinging man.

He soon was elected sheriff
of poor little Dalton town.
The job came without a paycheck,
but he could not turn it down.

Jack strutted down the sidewalk
wearing his star of tin.
He smiled at all the ladies,
and tipped his hat to all the men.

But life without a paycheck
was soon to take its toll.
Jack’s belly was growing empty,
and his bed was getting cold.

Jack made a plan one morning
to end his money woes.
He rode out to the desert,
and he took a change of clothes.

Sporting a mask and black coat,
Bumble rode back into town.
He opened wide the bank doors
swinging his guns around.

Bumble took those sacks of money
to his desert hiding place.
Then he turned his horse toward Dalton
with a smile upon his face.

When Bumble Jack rode into town
no one knew where he had been.
They thought he was their hero.
They knew he was their friend.

He listened to the bad news
with a still and somber face.
He called the town together
at the local meeting place.

Bumble walked into his office.
He took his gun belt off the shelf.
Then he left to lead the posse
he had formed to hunt himself.


James Ronan 12 April 2009

Humor, one of my favorite forms of communication. Well done Shirley. You have a knack for writing, I would like to see more. Jimmer

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