The Beautiful Flower Of Kilmeedy Poem by Francis Duggan

The Beautiful Flower Of Kilmeedy

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The beautiful flower of Kilmeedy in Kilmeedy she did not stay
In the green valley on view of Clara where she first looked on the lamp of day
It is said she is living in Christchurch New Zealand from her first home in distance far away
Married with young children to a New Zealander this is what those in the know of her does say

With brunette wavy hair to her shoulders and eyes blue as the summer sky
The very word that is known as beauty to her sort does surely apply
But the yearn for the wander was in her on view of Clara she did not remain
And what is a loss to Kilmeedy to Christchurch is surely a gain

There is a young man in Duhallow who begged her for to become his wife
But he is a stay at home person not one for the adventurous life
And he lost his flower of Kilmeedy without her he will grow old and gray
But memories of love do not die easily he does think of her every day

One wonders does she ever think of him and remember the what used to be
The present with most only matter though the past lives on in memory
And does she remember the old fields and the leafy groves of the Spring
When the swallows are back home in Kilmeedy and the nesting birds whistle and sing

And does she in visualizations see the gray fog creep down Clara Hill
And in the calm of a gray Summer twilight hear the babbling song of the rill
The beautiful flower of Kilmeedy who lives in Christchurch far away
From the green valley by Clara Mountain where she first looked on the lamp of day.

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