Michael Louie

The Beautiful Ocean

A beautiful blue, deep, and strong too
A marvelous place, with so much to see
I speak of The Ocean, our wonderful sea

All manner of life, from plankton to sharks
Even the coral are like magical parks
Holding so many treasures, ship-wreaks and caves, so deep and so dark
A deep hidden world, which man’s foot cannot mark

A mysterious world in which so many lurk
Where the fish, the octopi, and the crustaceans all work
With the coral, the seaweed and the other plant life
Such variety of creatures, with all manner of features,
Spots, suction cups, tentacles and holes,
Bright lights on stems, and poison-holding spikes
So colourful and alive, which us into awe strikes

Under rocks, in reefs and all throughout life abound,
So much of which, we have never found,
Yet we may one day, when we go deep enough
Through the dangerous trenches, deadly and rough
Of our deep, and beautiful ocean

The oceans hold strength, power, and control
Without them all life would surely fall
The ocean may hold cures, to diseases we hate
They may save us from a horrible fate

Yet we’re killing the oceans, with our oils and waste
We poison them, and give them putrid taste
Their destruction could mean that of the human race

But why do we kill them?
Do we hate our oceans?
Are we so blinded by greed
As to kill our great oceans
Where most all life does feed?

We have much to learn from the creatures of the earth
Who take no more than they need
And never kill without reason
For they are kind and true

Unlike humans who take far more than they need
And so many of them live corrupted by greed
This is why we kill our earth
This is why we kill each other
And this is why we kill our oceans

If we kill our oceans, we kill ourselves
For without our oceans, all creatures will join those without motions
I speak of the dead
Who do not speak
Whose bodies turn to dust
With only skeletons left behind

Which all life will become, if we kill our great oceans
For if we kill them, we kill our great planet
And thus kill not only ourselves, but all the other creatures as well

Such is the future, unless our oceans are saved
From the greedy
Who are causing a destruction
That they themselves can never escape

Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Poem Edited: Saturday, August 22, 2009

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