The Binge-Watcher Poem by Karpop Riba

The Binge-Watcher

I sit on my couch, remote in hand,
Eagerly searching for my next command.
Stories and characters, waiting to be found,
So many options, where to be bound?

I start with a show, just one episode or maybe two,
But before I know it, I've watched them all, it's true!
Hours turn into days, and days turn into weeks,
My life has become a strange binge-watch freak.

I watch as my favorite characters grow and change,
While my hygiene and diet have all gone strangely deranged.
I'm hooked on the stories, the plots, and the twists,
I've got a problem, it's like I can't resist.

My friends and my family, they ask where I've been,
But I just tell them, with a grin:
'I'm in Westworld or maybe Game of Thrones,
Or binging on Friends, in case you didn't know! '

My therapist says it's time for a break,
That I need to take some time to shift and shake.
But when I look at the screen, I'm right back in,
It's like my real life doesn't even begin.

I know it's a problem, but it's also a cure,
A way to escape, to find something pure.
It's like being in a dream, where anything goes,
A place where I can be anyone, even my foes.

So let me watch, let me binge-watch in peace,
With every episode, my obsession will increase.
I may not have a life that's traditional or neat,
But I've got my shows, and that's pretty sweet.

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