Karpop Riba Poems

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My Missing Socks

Oh where, oh where have my socks gone?
I swear I left them here, and now they're gone!
I've checked the drawers, I've checked the shoes -
I've checked the laundry and even the blues! !

An Ode To My Mother

Oh, Mother! ! the wonder of my life,
A beacon of love who vanquishes strife:
A guardian angel whose presence I feel,
A sanctuary of safety, a balm to heal.

Arunachal Pradesh ~ The Land Of Rising Sun

In the east geographically,
Lies the land of the rising sun,
Where mountains gouge the sky,
And with grace the rivers meander.


Oh! COVID, you cheeky little germ,
A sneaky foe, we never saw you squirm.
You slinked into our lives, what a ruckus,
An unwanted guest, what a hubbub! !

Tribes Of Arunachal

In lands of green and rugged might,
Where misty peaks kiss the sky's height,
Lives a tribe of noble men and women,
In Arunachal's embrace that never weakens.

The Unnoticed

Invisible, unseen, unnoticed,
Like a whisper lost in the breeze,
I may walk the same path as many,
But my footsteps never seem to seize.

The Majestic '5'

The state of Arunachal where nature reigns supreme,
Is home to five rivers, each with a unique theme- From the majestic Siang to the peaceful Dibang.

First, the Siang, the mighty Brahamaputra's tributary,

The Illusion Of Justice

The world is blinded by hypocrisy,
Justice lost in it's false democracy.
Equality rules only in name;
Like playing a game, it's all in vain.

An Ode To Donyi Polo - Indigenous Faith

Donyi Polo, the worship of the sun and moon,
A faith that has lived and grown; resilient, immune.
It's a treasure that's rare, precious and pure,
A symphony of beliefs that's worth to endure.

My Cuppa Love

Perk up, my friends! ! and lend an ear;
For I have a tale to share that's dear.
A friend who's been my loyal mate.
For all those mornings that I wake up late.

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