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The Black 'n White Of It All... - Poem by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

_____I PROLOGUE____

Black is not a colour...
by the Wheel of Spectum,
the Spectrum of Colour.
So, consider this...
and, let us turn our Mind's, now, then
to the far-side poles and abstracts,
to the White, which serves proudly
as the other known non-entity -
spinning alone, unacknowledged -
off the very same 'Wheel of Colour'.

______II ALIENATION_______

Still, and for reasons I cannot speak,
the two ne'er seem to be depressed
by the blatant polarization....,
of they... to all the others!
These two alien entities -
same God creativities
irritate, discreditize
each others views
from others eyes
and, shunned by pun
by the one and only
Players Club
of Brotherhood-
spinning wheels
among themselves
like Yugo's stuck
in Siberian snowdrifts,
this concourse of
'a-co-existing' colour,
What Bias! ...Such Arrogance!

____III BEWARE____

Still these colours,
go about their work,
stretching like rainbows
'cross imaginary lines
of shade and hue,
in their own coloured clique
and per-'SPECT(ive) RUM,
yet collectively
no damn match
for the symbolistic powerful fleck
of Black and White;

Societies original divisional sin
and, I've witnessed their prowess
of the two in conspire
when the two partner up;
socratically, philosophically,
in celestial shades of grey'

_____IV SYMBOLISM_____

And if there be any doubt
or reason to......p a u s e...........
..............*cough-cough*...... .....
.......*exhale*......................... ...,
please direct your intelligence
to the non-coloured duo
that signify and symbolize
the hallmark of evenflow,
the trademark of 'Balance',
the benchmark for equality,
and..Oui, mon ami.............,
the colours of the Yin and Yang....,
my friend
or as we say in Tokyo...私の友人!

The Power of The Black and White,
to this, I raise my cup-
place the cap on mon plume,
close my eyes...
open my mind and and Dream...,
as we all do, one and all, yes, that's right...,
in Black and White.

____ V 'IN CAUSATUM'_____

'Alas, in the Iris of the Grand Spectrums Eye...
Black and White, like all colours, fade and DIE!
Kind of reminds us of society today
No matter what color or culture displayed
We're all going back to ashes some day
And all of us together come Judgment Day
Each one of us accountable for our actions.


A Repost from its initial posting in July-2015
after a series of recent modifications in Oct.

Topic(s) of this poem: equality

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