' Movement In Black Poem by Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr

' Movement In Black

Rating: 4.3

Simon makes it all come together, perfectly,
placing antiques 'n curio's on dusted black shelves,
window-sil ledges with geometric widgets,
navigating his world, by touch, and by texture.
Simon day-dreams about women and stem cells,
despite Canon Law, and his strict Catholic rearing.

And, he likes to muse on the concept of light,
spectrums, and prisms, though opague to Simon,
still he dusts pleated lamp-shades that house no bulbs;
says he might buy some hi-powered torchere lamps;
lie back in his chaise, absorb the dark warmth
of clear hallogen,
and imagine the sparkle of sunshine on sea-glass.

And, no one could possibly comprehend,
Simons' world of black imaged movement,
or how it feels to be gifted at birthe,
as an inspiration with Crosses to shoulder.
And of course, there's the expectations from those,
who know not what it's like to live in visual occlusion,
or they who watched Gibson's '''Miracle Worker''',
thinking Bancroft and Duke got it right!

Still, Simon opens his eyes every morning,
in nebulous, oblique, movement,
to all that breathes, or rustles before him,
with all four other senses, working overtime,
His Cross's lone compensation!
And Simon wants to see an oceanfront sunset,
the kind that gloustermen place before women;
say's that's all he really wants,
and his life will all come together, perfectly.

William F Dougherty 20 July 2012

A serious and seriously wrought poem. [Refinements could make it also an important poem.]

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C. P. Sharma 11 March 2009

FJR, As ever, you are superb in imaginative sympathy. Those with lamps and bulbs Live in the darkness of soul Blind to the realm of spirit They ever miss life's goal CP

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Duh Huh 09 March 2009

This goes on my favorites list. You gave me a glimpse into a world i never gave a thought to. Beautifully written and deeply touching. Thank you for sharing.

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Original Unknown Girl 06 March 2009

Most interesting viewpoint on how it must be to be blind, one cannot imagine it but I like how you bring to our mind the fact that the other senses are honed just higher and that they give way to a better more generous mind because of it. Sensitively written. HG: -) xx

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Robert Cardozza 25 July 2016

this is epic as so many of your thosands of works are over the past decade.

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Saul Ranton 24 January 2016

magnificent depiction of what it must be like to live in blindness. frank you are the master!

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Aston Marley 08 July 2015

The Light illuminate through the epoch of darkness, great poem.

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Melvina Germain 05 July 2015

I love the vividness of this remarkable poem, I feel the journey, it's me standing there setting up shelves in a way that I would understand, it's me in the blackness finding my way around and I feel perhaps one day, all will come together and who knows maybe I'll see that oceanfront sunset...Love this very sensitive poem.....

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Thomas Case 29 March 2015

Wonderful prose poem. A deep glimpse into the sightless world. Very touching and well written. Please read my poem, the Ball Woman

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr

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