The Bootlegger

Rating: 5.0

There is a place
Where people come
From far and wide.
Everyone comes together
And everyone decides.
No conflict
No argument
Everyone has the same taste
To many a people
This is their special place.
A place where no matter
How much money is spent
No money is ever wasted
Not one red cent.
No matter what the case
You can never loose
Because believe it or not
You can have what you want
You just name it
Pick and choose.
Happy are the people
Just to see one another
Sometimes even there
Someone will find a lover.
Someplace you can dance
And feel free as a bird.
Because if you gossip
It won't even be heard.
A place where people meet
More faithful than church.
Are the people who gather
Without dragging up ole dirt.
The Bootlegger's house
Is where your secrets are heard.
Where every life is beyond the norm
And where sometimes lies splurge.
At the Bootlegger's house
No one complains not a word.
Where happiness is generated
But no one breathes a word.
Its all a big secret
That no one seems to know
This alfired secret place
Where the whole world goes.