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The Boys Get In Trouble Again- The Long Awaiting (Part 2) - Short Story - Poem by Dorian Petersen Potter

Right after Almanzo left the house to go looking for his nephews, Laura, goes back inside the kitchen to finish supper for tonight.
Tonight they're having 'apple pie' for desert.She wants everything ready, so they can have supper, as soon as he returns with the boys.
She finished the roast and the pie, and everything is hot and warm, just waiting to be served.As she cleans the table she can't help notice how
quiet is the house, without Myron and Rupert.She smiled at herself, at this thoughtt, but still thinking how much she will miss them when they
both leave in a few days.Well, at least Almanzo and her, will have back their peace and their lives will go back to its normal
daily routine once again.At the thought of that she smiled at herself one more time.Now Almanzo would understand her more, for her not wanting
to have a baby so soon as yet.She love children, but she needed more time fo herself.She knew she wasn't being selfish, but both of them needed
more time together of their own.Why not? they needed to spend and enjoy more of each othe'r company of what they had so far.
Afer all they haven't been married for that long.They were still in their honey moon, kind of.
She wanted to do many more things to do with her teaching too, and she was thinking of taking some extra teaching classes or
courses, as soon as she had the chance to take them somewhere not too far away hopefully.She hated the idea of leaving him alone for a few weeks, at any
time, but travel she must, if she really wanted to accomplish this.She has to travel outside Walnut Grove, to do it.

Time seemed to fly so quick, she thought after she took a quick glance at the clock in the living room.It had been almost 45 minutes,
since Almanzo left to find the boys, and still not a sight of neither.Maybe she should go out and look for Almanzo and the boys too.

She went in their bedroom to get something warmer upon her shoulders to wear.The air was getting colder now, after all this was October,
and the days were getting colder and lazier, especially at night.She looked outside the windows, and it was very dark outside by now.
And where was Almanzo, she asked herself one more time? She was so concerned about him and the boys.She was praying in her mind, that the
boys were fine, and that they haven't done any more bad things, of what they have already done for today.But with Myron and Rupert you never
really knew what to expect anymore.She grabbed her shawl and tossed over her dress and was about the open the door, when she heard voices and
footsteps nearing the house outside.She stepped back and took another look through the window and just barely could see the shape of two little
boy and and of a man, the figure of the man was so familiar to her by now.That was Almanzo, her Manly, with Myron and Rupert returning home...

To be continue soon in part 3: 'MYRON AND RUPERT'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Little House in The Prairie' or any any of its characters, but I do own this story here.

Summary: Almanzo and Laura have a couple of nephews.They're Almanzo's nephews and their father is Almanzo older brother Royal and his wife, Milli.In this story
of mine they come to visit again, for the second time.The boys haven't changed that much, because they're up again to their old tricks, in this story I've written here.Lol.

Author's note: In the first episode of 'The boys get in trouble again' Laura and Almanzo allowed his nephews, Myron and Rupert to come for a short visit with them again.
Thinking that the boys had changed, but no, they seem to be acting the same or perhaps even worse than the last time a year ago, as they start acting up again to some,
of their old tricks, just as soon after their parents, Roy and Milli, leave this time with their new baby, for another 'little vacation of their very own' again without the boys.
It seems that Almanzo and Laura are in for more surprises and troubles, than they can ever imagine this time in this story.

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