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Mom, I miss your smiling face,
Your loving voice and embrace,
You are considerate and kind,
You're everyday in my mind

Happy Graduation Day to you!
At last you've completed this journey.
Preparing for a long time you've
Pursued what you've dreamed for and now

Given special thanks here to you,
For all that you've done for me.
I want to thank you and wish you all the best,
For always being a good friend to me

Ten little frogs were not feeling fine
One went to the hospital and then there were Nine

Nine little frogs went out to play
One got hit by a ball and then there were Eight

I like helping my mom

It is good to have manners
And I'am referring to good ones
It's great to say 'Thank you'
When you get some from someone

Giving thanks to him, because he’s God
And God is in everything, don’t you see?
God is in you and me and always will be,
It doesn’t matter when you sin or stray!

My sock monkey
Loves me
I love my monkey
He's good to me

I have a dinasour for a pet
He likes to eat all he can get
Prefers plants more than meats
He loves insects, dislikes bats.

From the first moment I set my eyes on you
I just knew my love for you would just grow

And when you looked at me I could only see

You light up my life in so many ways.
You excite my nights and bring joy to my days,
When we're together everything is perfect,
even when we are apart.

May angels always care for you,
May they keep you standing tall,
May they whisper in your ears words of wisdom,
May they show you what you need to know

Let's bring hope where there's none
Everything is better when love is shown

Without Hope there are no dreams

Batman and Robin hit the joker

But their blow was only a croaker

Love is God's infinite love.
Love is His love from above.
Love is a child's smile.
Love is to think of loved ones thru the miles.

The weather has gotten very nasty
And it's causing a lot of heartache.
It's raining dogs and cats!
And tornadoes are leaving just destruction on their wake

Money comes and money goes
And that is the way it is so
Be aware all the time that yes
Money comes and money goes

Among all the pain and suffering
Still I'll stand tall and survive it all.

So unfairly mistreated and unloved I may be but

Life is much richer since I know you
What a marvelous God I serve
You give us more than we deserve
You are with us every night and day.

Spread love in the whole world
You can just feel it within
Love just keeps on giving
Sow seeds of love everywhere

Dorian Petersen Potter Biography

Dorian Petersen Potter(aka ladydp2000) has been writing poetry since her very early teens and has also been a fine artist since a few years later on right after that. Well since then she's been very busy studying and exploring so many other art forms techniques and also other art crafts, meanwhile always pursuing her poetry and writing as well as having a very important role for her as a wife and a mother too. She'd been published in many book anthologies, and in many other poetry book collections in the past many years. Dorian Petersen Potter(aka ladydp2000) has also published in print up to date around 30 (or more) poetry book titles of her own which can be purchased from:, Amazon com. & Barnes & Noble, or from many other places or book stores in the internet or you can easily obtain them directly from her if you want an autographed copy, which she'll be more than glad to sign for you if you ask her to do so, just please privately e-mail her and let her know which poetry book title you want and what kind you wish to purchase and she'll contact you back by e-mail and give you all the information about prices or all you need to know. My books titles are: 'Poetic Dreams' 'Liquid Dreams' 'Praising Through Poetry' which is my 3rd book also recently released last year and many more other titles that since then have also been released in book print by me. I have a total of around 30 poetry book titles in all or more which have already by now been released to this day. You can find them all at,, Barnes&Noble... Some of the book titles are for sale there or just search under my name in many book stores online. Thank you My official poetry website is 'Poetic Dreams'

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Mom, I miss your smiling face,
Your loving voice and embrace,
You are considerate and kind,
You're everyday in my mind

Dear mom, it's you I do miss,
I send you a hug and a kiss,
You give me your tender love,
Which comes from God above

I can't never thank you enough,
For all the love you've shown me,
Grateful for all the things,
Through the years you've giving me

Dear mom, I miss your loving face,
No other love can ever take your place!

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