The Brain—is Wider Than The Sky Poem by Emily Dickinson

The Brain—is Wider Than The Sky

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The Brain—is wider than the Sky—
For—put them side by side—
The one the other will contain
With ease—and You—beside—

The Brain is deeper than the sea—
For—hold them—Blue to Blue—
The one the other will absorb—
As Sponges—Buckets—do—

The Brain is just the weight of God—
For—Heft them—Pound for Pound—
And they will differ—if they do—
As Syllable from Sound—

Analinda Corona 26 March 2023

I love this poem is one of my favorites. When I read this poem to my students and explain the style Emily Dickinson poem they got amazed.

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ANONYMOUS 29 July 2018

its helpful and a little not understandable

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Emily Dickinson 22 February 2023

How dare you! I worked hard on this one

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Indira Renganathan 20 November 2016

There is a way to think of the style for a poem prior to write... Emily alone thinks of a super-o-super style for her poem...indeed her brain is wider than the sky- -superb- 10++++

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Emily Dickinson 22 February 2023

thanks! ! ! appreciate it

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Melissa Northrup 03 April 2008

This is almost my favorite by Dickinson. There has never been such a genius in writing poems. My favorite author by far.

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