talla tragedy

The Bridge Whispers Death.

the river flows under the bridge i stand on,
it flows as fast as the blood pumping through my veins,
my soul is willing to be free,
my heart to fall appart,
i stand here waiting to leave this place,
he is not here,
so far away,
i pray for him to come everyday,
the sky turns grey,
my tears running down my face turn to raindrops that fall from the sky,
im cold,
wishing you could hold me in your arms,
keep me warm,
i keep on waiting for you,
on this bridge,
i scream your name so loud,
i fall to the ground,
i break out in tears you are not here,
to tell me im safe,
you love me,
love is such a painful torture,
but at times its beautiful in a way,
for me it hurts,
you make me belive youre not there for me,
my heart is slowing down,
my breath you have taken away,
i long to feel you in my soul,
i need to lock you into my heart,
so i will never forget you my true love,
im loosing faith,
the time has come,
but it has just begun,
this bridge whispers:
fall into the river and let it drag your dead body to him'',
i stand here my heart turns to stone,
my eyes dont see straight,
now i have no faith,
my body drops into the river,
i drown,
the cold icey river lets me die,
my body get's dragged,
no one knows,
my skin white,
my eyes wide open,
my heart crippeld,
my soul captured,
and can't escape,
the reason,
i have an unfinished buisness,
i died without you here,
wihout your love,
my love for you was so big,
so pure,
so true,
my soul longing for you to come,
come to the bridge,
there we may meet tonight,
for the last time,
only because my soul is willing to be set free,
and escape this place of nightmare and targedy,
so i can go to hell,
or maybe somewhere else,
i dont care,
but i wish i could be with you my dear,
i will watch over you,
not letting anything happen or harm you,
im only begging you to do me a favor,
please, please, please,
free me from this pain, and torture,
thats all i want now,
my dearest true lover,
i hope you forgive me that im gone now,
my last words i will cry and sing for you,
until every breaking dawn,
i love you.

Poem Submitted: Monday, January 12, 2009
Poem Edited: Monday, January 12, 2009

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