Soma Mukherjee

The Burden Of Being A Bridal Gown - Poem by Soma Mukherjee

Once a bridal gown met a suit to be worn by dead man,
No one knows how they ended up in the same van.

Did someone set them up or was it a part of higher purpose or plan?
And people agreed because these two had to travel together only for a short span.

Anyways, so the bridal gown was obviously shocked and traumatised and feeling kind of sick looking at the suit,
The suit however had no such problems as he knew his journey would end with the wearer, so why sweat or fret? How astute!

To overcome the uneasiness the bridal gown thought of making fun and mocking the suit as her wearer would have done had she been in this situation.
She taunted the suit for trying to fake calmness, laughed at such a short life for he was going to be buried as soon as he was born, and that he and his kinds were cursed to eternal damnation.

The suit initially seemed amused by all that the bridal gown was saying and refused to take the bait,
He knew there was going to be no outcome if ever they engage in a debate.

But at some point I guess, he just got bored and decided that he has had enough,
The bridal gown was now irritating with baseless talking and prodding and now the journey was becoming torturous and tough.

So he said very calmly, “Dear I feel sorry for you, a long lonely life with very little to do in future, which you must be aware of or so I hope,
May I ask if you have all the support you need or else how will you manage and cope?

You are going to have a tough day today saving yourself from all the wine, grease and food stains
You have to, or else won’t be forgiven by people who made and wore you, taking so much trouble and pains.

Once you have been worn today, you will be packed and kept in a trunk or a chest,
And the next time you will be out will be when your owner’s daughter or someone that close decides to wear you, that too if you are still in your best.

And god forbid if during this time fashion changes drastically and you can’t be altered and worn,
Or maybe the tradition of wearing bridal gowns is completely out and gone!

Plus have you ever thought what if you were not kept properly after you have been used,
With All the oil, air and insect attack, you will end up shredded and abused.

Pardon me if I had been too calm or looking a bit recluse,
But it was because I knew, I am going where I came from, soil will always be my last refuge.

I don’t know if I had a long life how I would have spent it,
But I know my life is short and the choices are, enjoy every moment or crib and resent it.

Yes you will have a long life and I, a very short one, but how will it help if in this big life, all you do is wait for it to end!
Short or big life, wouldn’t it be better if we all do the maximum we can and cherish all the god send? ”

The bridal gown really hadn’t expected the funeral suit to reply back and he just confirmed her worst fears,
She sat stunned and shocked for the rest of the journey, and tried to quell her tears.

I wish I had something more to tell but their journey together had come to an end,
The bridal gown was received with a lot of relief and cheer and in the next stop the suit had a funeral to attend.

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