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Life, a journey, a saga, and all the fuss
Of spotlight hogger's and the anonymous
Masters and puppets, tortoises and rabbits
People driven by wants and habits

Oh! winter I request thee please come back
To err is human cut me some slack
For what happened between us started as a lover's spat
And I was more than willing to work on that.

When Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Was it summer, winter or fall?
Was it a weekday or a weekend?
Wish they were someplace else with a friend.

I now present to you the talk of the town Mr. Page
He looks are deceptive, please don't be fooled by his age
He lives alone in a house near to his office in front of a park
He has far too many enemies for he is a loan shark

This is a story of a girl named Gossip and the boy named Spy.
They both lived in a small town named Me and I.

Gossip was all about going out and having fun,

The cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, flies and ants,
Monsters! there is very little that they can't.
I have seen them in the kitchen, toilet, bedroom and hall,
Strolling, dancing, trecking on the floor and the wall.

Yes, there are angels in the net,
I can prove it and I am ready to bet.

They send me mails every day offering me money,

A rose for The rose
For being so prominent in poetry and prose
For no other flower has adorned with so much zest
Lover’s tresses or a martyr’s wreath

In a world ruled by religions, caste, nationalities,
Where there is a constant fight on whose god is better
I am an atheist
For me my work,

As I take a sip of the fresh brew
Its aroma hits my senses
What is it about a hot cuppa?
That relaxes you and shakes your grey cells,

Today is such a beautiful day
Well actually it’s hot and humid
But hey it here right now for me to enjoy or crib
Don’t know what tomorrow will bring or will it be here or not

Date: -18th May,2011
Dear diary,
Must say, as ridiculous as it is talking to a diary,
At least will not have deal with ‘what’s she thinking? ’

The king and the queen
And a few bleeding pawns
Fractured souls and bodies
The victors and the defeaters

A soap for my body and a soap for my soul
to cleanse me of every dirt when mere survival takes its toll

A song for my lips and a song for my soul

Oh! to be cool, a bit like winter
be chilled out and calm
but not let them rob me of my warmth and leave me cold

Dear mirror on the wall,

It's with a heavy heart
I today write you this letter,

This is a stolen transcript of a conversation,
That took place between Grim reaper and Mr.Objection.

Ever since Mr. Objection had returned from the very door of death,

Mrs. Sharma smiled when she saw a beautiful sunny day outside,
Today her two kids will perform in front of a large crowd, she thought with pride.
It was an international event, people, media have already flocked in from far and wide,
Whole city was buzzing with activities and being decorated like a bride.

I could have been this and I could been have that,
but there were too many hurdles and the plans fell flat.

I could have been like her, a very big star,

A fly in his
Short life
Grew up, fell in love
And found a good wife

Soma Mukherjee Biography

My life is a garden, where the poetries and proses, which flow in my veins mingle and spread happiness and hopefully inspiration. Here in my courtyard you will find humour, satire, inspiring thought provoking poems and short rhyming stories. You will find me in all my poetries, for I live in them every poem big or small, free verse or rhyme has come from a warm heart which wishes you a happy reading, may you find solace in every thing you read and may every thing that you read fill your soul with joy and wonderment.)

The Best Poem Of Soma Mukherjee

' Of Chimes And A Gong

Life, a journey, a saga, and all the fuss
Of spotlight hogger's and the anonymous
Masters and puppets, tortoises and rabbits
People driven by wants and habits

Sweet thorns and dangerous flowers
The agonizingly slow seconds and fast paced hours

Unbelievable adventurous path
Few taking the walk, living it
Others spending time doing all the math

Some will's some wont's
Arguing the do's and dont's
Shying away when times call
All but speculating rise and fall

To say nothing exists without its opposite
Good and bad, traditional or fad
Have you taken a dip in tranquil pool
Are you sane enough to call others mad

Destiny, fate, chance or choice
Listening or ignoring the inner voice

Careless whispers, raves and rants
The hidden agendas, a knowing glance
A friends betrayal, a foe's dance

Crayons, tree houses, kite flying and puddles
Reminiscing blissful past, entangled in present hurdles
Amazing paradoxes, shifting paradigms of thoughts,
Parallel truths, and the lucrative lies bought

While most will forever be solving
All the how's, what's and when's
The ebb and flow of life will go on
With all its odds and even's

A path, a dance, an eternal hum or song
Will you be lost in the past or
There in the moments, in the chimes of life
Contented when the death rings its final Gong

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Sonia Philips 28 April 2023

Dear Soma, your poems are unbelievably adventurous like you

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Wendell Brown 14 July 2012

A blessing to see that your poems are shared here...i have missed the smile of your words my sister! Another gem!

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indira Mukherjee 25 December 2011

A nice poem Soma, yes your poems fill me with joy and wonderment.

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