The Catholic View Of Sex; Friction Without The Spark Poem by Ian (John) McCleary (Son of the Cleric)

The Catholic View Of Sex; Friction Without The Spark

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Pope John Paul Il who was Pope when my parents got married in the church, and who was Pope when I and my siblings were born, wrote something called The Theology of the Body, I have read it many times and while I think it is still a good piece of writing and many of the ideas in it are beautifully put, I have come to believe that not everything in it makes sense because of the way the human body was designed. In it, the only way the Pope says that love can be given as a gift of self is through the meeting of sperm and egg, so for having children. Sex for enjoyment, or with the use of contraceptives even by married couples is not considered that giving of self in the marriage union.
So the Catholic church would quickly approve then the rubbing of the Earth's techtonic plates against each other over one of their married members of the faith enjoying the gift of intimacy.
No wonder they said the Church lost 14 million of it's congregants, maybe more. It is not entirely on the people to blame nor is it the devil. It is it's own alien view of human nature.
Now I am not really for the cheapening of love that can be found everywhere today. Love that puts feeling at the center of everything, but this other side to the puzzle is just as deadly to love.
A couple years ago Pope Francis was criticized for liking a picture of a model in short and tight fitting clothes, yes there's hypocrisy in it, but the church and it's view of human sexual behavior is the root of the problem, so thats why I would never go down so hard on the man.

My changing thoughts on the church I was baptized in
David Wood 23 December 2022

The rubbing of two tectonic plates leads to local volcanos erupting! ! Sex is to be enjoyed as a loving relationship, despite what the pope says.

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