The Change Poem by soso khan

The Change

At the beginning everything was fine
I thought it would be a long time before we fell apart
and it was
but you couldn't stop the change forever

The change was something that no one saw coming
But it's so big that once its happened you can't ignore it
You can't fight it
And i couldn't deal with it

THe change is what happens during a long relationship
It's the thing that makes you stop loving someone
When someone like you goes through this change
It almost like there is two of you because there is

I couldn't deal with the fact
That you didn't trust me
No... Not even just that
It was that you didn't trust me that I wouldn't do anything with him

You said that you trusted me but you didn't show it
You started to be over protective
and obsessive
I couldn't deal with it

I told you that if you didn't change
I was leaving
But I don't think you believed me
I don't think you cared

The change is almost complete
It's about it ruin the best thing you have ever had
Is that what you want? Even if it isn't thats what is going to happen...

Soso K. and Kaitlin R.

Blue Eyes 18 April 2009

very meaningful poem.

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