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Death comes to us all
It comes so sudden
There is no way to stop it.

Upon my eye's
I see the night
The stars that blanket the sky
And a full moon that shines with life

My heart works in strange ways
I dont know how to explain it
All I know is this....

You don't know how it feels to have a broken heart.
Everything in your world seems to fall apart.
You had my heart from the beggining.
But then we started sinning.

If you look into my eyes
you will see light
but behind these eyes
you will see fear

I wake up,
Like any ordinary day,
But some where in me,
I feel...

In a dark corner i lie,
my breath,
is the only sound,

There is only one thing in this world...
that can wake me up,
Not the sunhine that beams through the window,
Not the cold breeze that comes through my window at night,

Our love is like the
Green leaves on the
Trees in spring
Fresh, new and innocent

My life was great
I had everything
I had a brand new car
And a family that adored me.

The wind breathes a soft whisper
It speeks of soft and gentile words
It whispers to me

When your gone,
days will seem like years,
years will seem like centuries,
and centuries seem like forever.

At the beginning everything was fine
I thought it would be a long time before we fell apart
and it was
but you couldn't stop the change forever

there was just something,
something about him,
that i could not understand.

Anna Bell,
You are my joy,
My tears,
And my Laughter,


It’s all over now
The fight, the struggle
We can finally be together
With no interruptions and I’ve never been happier

What once,
Cut me deep,
Will falter,
In flames,

Face pale as the moon,
Eyes dark as night,
He follows through dreams,
He watches at night,

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The Fear Of Death

Death comes to us all
It comes so sudden
There is no way to stop it.

Its cold clamy hands
Sends chills down our spines
Its hidden around every corner

It surrounds us
Even in ur dreams
You feel it follow you everywhere you go

We all fear it
But once it comes for us
We no longer feel the fear of Death

By: Soso K. and Kaitlin R.

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