Fallen Angel Poem by soso khan

Fallen Angel

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Upon my eye's
I see the night
The stars that blanket the sky
And a full moon that shines with life

Beneath thy wings,
Drips of my blood,
That has drenched the snow,
Around me

With no will to carry on,
My knees fall upon the snow
My face cupped in my hands
I shed tears of pain and agony

'Angel.. Why do you cry
Why is the snow red
Angel you have been hurt
This red... this is your blood'

As I took my face from my hands
I saw a little girl
Hair as black as coal
Skin the color of melted carmel

As she steped closer
I froze
my body trembling
She spoke words of pitty and sadness

'Oh Fallen Angel
You bleed from your wounds
Your eyes cry out for answers
But yet you get none.'

While weeping I spoke..
'Little one...
how do you know
I am a fallen Angel? '

'Not the markings on your face..
nor your wings,
Tell me what you are
But your eyes show the truth'

As I stood with all my might
I turned away from the little girl
I hesitated
but continued to walk away

Don't give up
I have faith in you
Faith... that you will reach heaven again'

I turned toward the Little girl,
my eyes filled with tears
And with a soft voice i told her
'Thank you, Little one'

When I finally turned to leave
walking away, it took great effort
My faith is what kept me going
faith that was restored by the little girl

By: Soso K & Kaitlin R

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 03 April 2009

A heart-dissolving poem. Your faith has given your words an angelic touch, Soso. Keep writing the good words. Best Wishes Naseer

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Randy Hogan 01 April 2009

You must love soso dearly. This poem is full of love and faith in your angel, very touching and beautiful.....10+++

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soso khan

soso khan

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