valerie Hartland

The Changeling - Poem by valerie Hartland

Some say I have changed
that I seem to understand
so much more than I did before
I don't think so
for that would mean
to go to where I will not go
and forgive him who stole my heart and soul

To shield him meant that I must hide
drummed out of town, no one would be kind
I must not expose the truth, a marriage over
while I still wore my wedding gown
I will not forgive him who broke my heart and pride
left me penniless so I could not tell the judge
...or everyone in town
of a marriage over before it had begun

No, I haven't changed
learned as people think, to move on and forgive
I still hate with a passion as deep
as my love rejected
when he left me a bride, alone in her marriage bed
No, I haven’t changed
But the longer I live
with the memory of all I had and lost
love having such a cost
I learn that out of every sorrow and pain
there comes a gain

I haven't changed, but now I see I lost,
let him take what would have let me heal
to smile again and not pay such a cost
to let me see still all that I could be
For in my pride I let go of those who could remember and tell me
stories of the girl I was before
and can be once more
It isn't that I've changed, but I accept
he, unlike me, was able to pay whatever price it cost
to buy a law of his own brand
and convince the judge he grieved a marriage
that wasn't even a one night stand

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, June 1, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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