The Cosmic Mind Of God Poem by Adrian Wait

The Cosmic Mind Of God

Are we a thought in the mind of God?
Unknown as cosmic music,
Cosmic mind a space between us all
Threads unveil melodies of equations echo.
Symphony of half remembered dreams
Maths the mind of God unfolds
Transcendent value found by the sea
Beneath the midnight arc of majestic sky
Web of interconnected mystery
Cosmic truth or universal lie
God is beyond our concepts
By which we measure our pain
Beyondness a colour as yet discovered
Know this - the unknown, is unknown until known
Seeking to find a set of beliefs that are coherent
Mind, Spirit, Soul, Personhood denied
By fires' of greed, hatred, and ignorance
Burning without consuming
Void of wisdom, and compassion
Convinced that nothing but matter exists
Knowledge without wisdom is dangerous
Not just parts of one supreme Self
Souls and Minds integrated to the divine
Thoughts within the cosmic mind… or,
Impartial observers indifferent to care or kind
Transcendent and immanent
Breathing in and breathing out
Not all experience is sensory
Is it possible for a human mind?
To access an infinitely superior mind
Dreams unlock the possibility
Experiencing life outside ourselves
Consciousness, awareness, thought
Thought is not the thinker
Where or what is self, an image or
Roles we rehearse instinctively
Through expectation and experience
Alienated from our self, and the other
Following the winding river
A stream of perceptions unleashed
Open to the possibility of a personal
Transcendent cosmic mind and soul
Great consciousness source flows
Within you and without you
In streams of consciousness
From cradle to grave
Conception to perception
And far outside, Beyondness…
The Cosmic Mind of God

(First Draft) TBC.

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