Poetic Philosopher

The Countdown To Love

Baby you’re more beautiful than the morning sun
It’s two-
Baby I feel so at ease when I'm with you
It’s three-
Baby you’re more graceful then the calm oceanic sea
It’s four-
Oh I’m waiting for you to come walking through my door
It’s five-
For every moment I’m spending with you is a surprise
It’s six-
Baby without you I’m down for the count because I’m love sick
It’s seven-
I thank God for sending me one of his beautiful angels from heaven
It’s eight-
Baby you have my heart beating at a fast rate
It’s nine-
Baby when I’m with you I’m better then fine
It’s ten-
For baby I love you now and I loved you back then
Because you’re the reason why I have butterflies
You’re the reason to the sparkle in my eyes
The reason why I lie awake at night
For baby you’re my guiding light
The whole reason why I have stayed true to the heart
Because loving you is like a work of art
Majestic and beautiful in every know way
The reasons to my smile everyday
For your generous, you’re caring, you’re so loving
And if I had to some it all up, I’d say you’re amazingly stunning
You’re the reason why l love taking long walks on the beach
The reason why I’m impaired at speech
Fumbling and mumbling out of nervous anxiety
Your the reason why I act with propriety
The reason why I'm as free as a white dove
For baby you have me falling madly in love
Because it's ten
Oh baby I wish that this night would never end
It's nine
Baby I’m so thankful that I get to call you mine
It's eight
And I’m so relieved that you had a wonderful time on our first date
It's seven
Oh I wish that you could stay out past eleven
It's six
Because it saddening that time flew by so quick
It's five
I hope that this memory in due time can be relived
It's four
For I know that this love we share I want to explore some more
It's three
Oh baby it’s like food to my soul when I hear you say that you love me
It's two
Baby your the key to my heart and I love you too
And it's one
Because baby let me tell you that our love has just begun

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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