Nicholas Schumacher

The Cruel Hands Of Fate - Poem by Nicholas Schumacher

Running through Arctic Tundra
Past shrubs blanketed with snow
Atop a vast blanket of white
which crunches under below

The solemn wolf's silhouette stands absolute
Amongst the darkening sky
As it races across the barren wasteland
Desperately searching for sustenance for its young
In fear, that if she fails
They will certainly die

Hours she spends in the frigid cold
Facing the roaring fur-piercing winds of winter
Hoping her young can continue to withstand
At least another hour

Thirst eventually overcomes her
and she is forced to postpone her search
She stumbles upon a stream forged in the snow
and bends down to lap up the icy liquid

Her ears soon stand up erect
As the bushes to her left begin to rustle
A winter rabbit springs out from its enclosure
Hoping to quench its thirst
But instead comes face to face
With a ravenous gaunt wolf

For a moment the two stand still
Just staring into the eyes of the other
Until the rabbit dashes
Initiating the chase between Life and Death
For the both

The winter rabbit was quick on its feet
But was no match compared to the wolf
Who raced not only for herself
But for the lives of her young

She swiftly snatches the rabbit up with her jaws
clamping around its neck like a vice
Until the rabbit's struggle ends
And it lays limply from its mouth

A rumble bellows out from her chest
Announcing her triumph
As she starts pacing back to her den
To finally feed her starving young

But as she crosses the stream
A Splintering crack erupts
As the ground below gives way

She howls and thrashes with terror
As she tries to escape her cruel fate
Until she gives in to the icy numbness
And begins to drift slowly into the cold watery depths
Leaving nothing behind, but a ripple upon the water's surface

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 25, 2010

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