Mukhtar Abukar

The Cry Of A Heart - Poem by Mukhtar Abukar

There i was walking amidst the crowds
To no particular a destination
When I suddenly heard someone calling my name
Was I dreaming or was this real?
I started questioning myself.
I was still wondering
When I clearly heard my name louder
Louder than I ever heard anyone call me
And at once I knew the voice
It was so special and amazing a voice
One that I got used to
Such that I would even hear it in my dreams
It hasn't changed even after all this time

I turned back to hug the queen calling me
Only to find myself on the floor of my bedroom
There I lay like a four year old baby
I have fallen from my bed again
And this time in the middle of a dream
A dream so sweet that I wish it was true
I stood up nodding my head with displeasure
At the thought that everything was just but a mere dream
I hopped onto my bed feeling exhausted and tired
Not believing that all was just but a dream
I cracked my head wondering why this was happening

I began to trace the pieces of my dream
Trying to figure out every bit of it
So as to see if I could make anything out of it
Slowly the memories of my dream began to set into my mind
The crowd turned out to be fellow passengers
And the place Jomo Kenyatta international airport
I began to wonder about who was calling me
Having heard how my name was distinctly called out
I began to get lost into memories
Memories that I would forever cherish
Then tears started falling from my eyes

Why the tears? I started to wonder
But then before I figured out an answer
I found myself smiling through the tears
An other wonder tears, and smiles simultaneously?
I began to question my sanity
How could one shed tears and smile at the same time?
This question brought me into my senses
To the world of realities rather than nightmares
I was soon supposed to fly
Fly back to where the heart always dreamt of
And it was for such a longing that I had this dream
Now I understand everything as It should be
They say no rain without clouds
So may be this dream was the clouds
Of an approaching rain
Alerting everyone of its coming
So darling no matter how long I was away
Know the time has come
When I should make my way back
Back to where my heart is
To join you and share the smiles and tears with you
In a world of endless happiness and joy
Where hearts get attached together by a natural instinct
One that knows no bonds or restrictions
So just wait for me for I am headed towards you darling.

Topic(s) of this poem: Love

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 7, 2014

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