Mukhtar Abukar

Sweet Memories - Poem by Mukhtar Abukar

Today i found myself thinking
Thinking of days
Days that I now wish could come back
Days in which I earned knowledge
The only precious thing in life
So precious that its people are honored
For they are those that ponder
Not like the many
Who sleep and eat
Without pondering on the universe
The great architecture of Almighty
Which is beyond the comprehension of man
A clear evidence of the existence of a creator
Who created everything in the universe

Yes there I was seated today
Under the shade of that tree
The same that my grandpa used to sit under
Thinking and pondering on days
Days in which I would wake up early
To go and drink from the well of wisdom
Trying to quench my thirsty for knowledge
One that would always increase
Respecting my teachers was a priority
So I could drink from this well of wisdom

Amazing were those days
Days whose memories
Are still fresh in my mind
I remember as thou it were yesterday
The company of my friends
With all the laughter and jokes
In a world called school
Free from care or worries
Enjoying every bit of it
Yet not forgetting our goal
Our sole objective and aim
Lest we be carried by the wind

To many school was a synonym to prison
Yes a prison yet much better than palaces
Where power and wealth are the main concerns
Unlike prisons where criminals are rehabilitated
School was a precious factory
Tha made useful men out of young boys
Blessed was such a' prison'
That made me who I am today
Unlike many who wish their term be shortened
Here I am wishing that I stayed longer
So that I could shine in those circles
The circles in which knowledge circulated
Drawing one nearer to their dreams

Though I miss such days
There is nothing I can do
Coz here I am today
In another school
The school of life
Where lessons are learnt from experience
And assessment made by the life you lead
You need no degree to graduate
But sure you need a meaningful life
To succeed in such a life
Let your heart yearn
Yearn for an amazing life
And let your actions proof it
So that you don't regret in the end
For words with no action lose meaning
And lead to nothing but broken dreams.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 3, 2014

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