Mukhtar Abukar

Do You Ponder? - Poem by Mukhtar Abukar

Yesterday as a kid
Every cry of mine had a meaning
It was only mum who knew its meaning
But today as a grown up
No one understands my cry
Not even my mum does
It is this that made me think
Think of the faces of life
Faces that keep changing every now and then
So unexpectedly and unpredictably like the weather
At times cloudy and gloomy
And at times shiny and glamorous

But today as I sat alone
Isolated from the world
Thinking and pondering on life
I have come to a conclusion
A conclusion that life in this world
Is just but a play or a waste of time
If lived in the shadow of sins
And disobedience to the creator

Woe unto those who remain ignorant of the creator
The one and the only in whose Hand the world is run
The one that people call out to
When we feel everything else is impossible
For we know with Allah nothing is impossible
Yet we disobey Him when our troubles end
Is this how it should be?
Is a question we need to ask ourselves
The answer is so simple
Yet many choose to remain blind
Blind to a reality that is so open
That even a little child could understand

Oh fellow brothers and sisters
Hasn't time come when we should return to the creator?
The one and only that provides for us
It is never late the door of repentance is still open
But if we keep procrastinating like we always do
Then we will be sorry for ourselves
For we never know when we gonna die
It could be sooner than we expect
So let is not delay anymore
For tomorrow is never promised
And today is all we have
If we don't seize the opportunity
Then it may never come again
For we only live once
And today is life with deeds
As for tomorrow, it will be judgement without deeds
So let us work for our tomorrow
So that we have an eternal life
Filled with joy and happiness
One that knows no sadness or worries
Hope we gonna prepare for such a life
And may Allah join us in paradise

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 3, 2014

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