The Day I Born Poem by ndidzulafhi munyai patric

The Day I Born

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I was crying because I was scared.
On that moment I heard thin voice.

My child, my child, my child.
Am your mother.
Stop crying.
Because am with you.
I wont leave you alone.
Because am your mother and I love you.
My child, here is called world.
There is too many flowers.
But make sure you take them by the right hand.
You put your whole hope to me.
Because other will demonstrate you a dog teeth.
Seeing that they hated you before you come out from my womb.
See how gorgeous you look.
You do not even have guilt and credit.
But other will make you to pay my credit.
My child, here world we are in battel no rest.
But we will rest when we go back to our heavenly father.

That's was my words from my mother.
Endless of my mother voice,
I heard other voice,
It was base voice.

My child, my child, my child.
Am your father.
Do not afraid, afraid, afraid.
Because am here for you.
I brought you here world,
Because am your answer.
Am stomach answer.
Am your exhalation answer.
Am your protection answer.
I prepared all weapons.
Because there is a brutal person here world.
I wont run away I promise.
As is my responsibility to protect my family.
And am read to demonstrate you how much I love you.
I even wont let you endure come near you forever and ever.

poem by Munyai ndidzulafhi patric

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: born
this poem talking about the day everyoneborn and what happed on that day.
on one wont cry, this is the reason why every newborn cry
Kingsley Egbukole 05 November 2019

The true assurances of beloved parents. Our parents are our number friends and supporters. Please kindly check my poems HOPE and THE BEAUTY OF DEATH and leave your comments

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