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The Day Of My Engagement: A Teenage Girl's Tale - Poem by Zintle Groepe

I was ready and delighted
So sure I wanted to be as close to him as possible
We had spent five years in separation
It was time to co-join our souls coz our hearts were emerged
The smile on the face of my heart was brightened by the sight of his being as he approached the corner of my home.
I could feel the heat of the warmth he carried around him all day long
When he spoke, I could hear our favourite song melodiously playing
As the words escaped the divinity of his throat I knew he has the one
Later that day he decided o free the romantic character he had so well conserved for long
He took me to the hills where dinner was served
It was outdoors, but I felt at home. Better than a castle
It was paradise and I was his princess.
The roses around us smelt as good as his cologne, but he was better.
To My amazement...............! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ,

He knelt down, took my hand and gave me a box of chocolate, So I thought
Beautifully wrapped with glossy paper, shining brighter than the rays of the sun setting in our midst
It was wrapped with flames producing passion that flooded his peaceful heart
Soft droplets of showering rain swept our worries away slowly
The birds around us were over numbered by the kisses he could have blown if the wind had blown my direction. His compassion couldn't be calculated
No theory could be discovered coz our love was no theory, but destiny,

I opened the box……………! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Pearls of an amethyst colour surrounded the one small gift box inside
The heat it generated threatened our own natural heating system
I was blinded by the elegance it flaunted. It was a ring
Not just any ring, but a diamond ring. The diamond as big as the heart that gave it
I swallowed every word I could have whispered coz my mouth was still in shock.

Before I could exhale my last breath, he took the ring away from me and said:
"Make me the happiest man on earth coz luck has clearly been on my side for long seeing that you are with me. I am blessed to share my life with someone like you. You devoted five of your living years to me, the love we share feels new each day we are together. Sparks of an everlasting fire bring light to the dark ways of this world as we take our silent loving walks.
You are a true work of art, perfection was born the day your first cry was heard by the ears of earth.
You were meant to live a life of royalty, you are my queen, thank you for giving me some of your riches. Many tried to break me down chasing my cash and losing their dignity.
You are the bright night star that outshines the rest, keeping my heart in relief. I am fulfilled
I promise you no stars coz in you I see a star. I promise you no moon coz your smile is the moon that assures security. I promise you no earth either coz, the earth you hold beneath the depths of your heart. It has kept you ‘til the time was right for me to dig and find a refined you as it would when it keeps the lava of a volcano to form gold for the miner who dares to dig.
I promise you neither the ocean coz it flows from your eyes indicating the calmness of your soul as it gives life to the world. I come as I am and I want you as you are. WILL YOU PLEASE MARRY ME? "

With tears in my eyes I said"YES", as joy was all I could feel.
It was the beginning of a world we stated creating years ago
This world is our world and finally we are in it together.

Topic(s) of this poem: love and dreams

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