The Deadly Triad Of History Poem by Dr. Vaishnavi Gupta

The Deadly Triad Of History

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The Renaissance enlightened minds
sprouted revolutions of evolutionary kinds
favouring towards nation state
and absurd race of imperialism began
envious of one-another,
to conquer the world with guns and glory
planted the seeds of violence for future stories.

The colonial masses indulged in trade
trafficking of humanity and race.
Arms and artillery new gems
hoarding it became the new trend.

And when the clouds of war rose
With time, the world divided into two rows
the Axis and the Allied.
For their master's pride and name
soldiers shed their blood in dark sunsets
for unknown enemy in an alien world
far away from their motherland
surfing above taboos and customs
across the vast turquoise oceans.

And those native to their soil
lucky enough to be buried in own land
unlike the foes and friends
whose corps lie away from their beloved eyes that
waited for their sons and husbands
in the backyard of their doorstep
with rosy petals either for corpse or man!

The two wars plundered the civilians too
with swords of hunger and an inflation boom.
When Fat Man and The little boy
caused irreversible havoc
burning the land of rising Sun.
And the dawn of doomsday began
with red stained walls and streets
and ear-splitting yelling
whose voice still
echoes in the lanes of dark history.

Such a disaster was the wars
with millions of immortal brave corpses.
Time spins to the future
The sensible democratic world
With advanced and growing states
And technologies touching skies and space!

But one day everything comes to dust
All technologies and medicines rust
Humans bow down to the earth.
An invisible being ruling the world,
Dragon's bio-weapon or a nature's curse,
That soon will be judged.

The sapiens struggling for a single breath
Nation's paralysed and individual's helpless
Masking and distancing with families and friends
Caged inside the desolate four walls.

Waves peak fall and waves again
Innocent pale eyes glance
Those rushing white vans night and days,
Roaring siren's and people's cries
And corpse that lies on streets
Flowing down river streams,
Civilians frontline workers or leaders
A millionaire, billionaire or a needy
Race religion colour or caste and creed
Virus did ‘nt differentiate the beings,
Millions lost their lives in short span of time
against the war of new kind.

The tale that was witnessed by this generation
Through pallid pages
Flash back of those wars and the deaths
Refreshes up again with this new battle.

Ramesh T A 05 August 2022

Mass death is perhaps the fate or curse of the world we all live in that repeats world history again and again! A Historical probe has to open the eyes of the rulers for the good of all! Nice one!

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Dr. Vaishnavi Gupta 05 August 2022

Thanks for reading n ur views...

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Dr. Vaishnavi Gupta 05 August 2022

Thanks for reading..really appreciate your views..

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