The Dimensions Of Ego Versus Love Poem by Kenneth Maswabi

The Dimensions Of Ego Versus Love

It is not uncommon to hold delusions in our minds
And it is not common to accept our insanity
Yet we polish our lives with the very same tools of insanity
Showcasing our man-made identities (egos)with ease
We hold the contents of our minds in high regard
And we scorn those who did not accumulate enough knowledge
Sentencing them to a lifetime of poverty and suffering
We define the perimeters of existence with material yard sticks
Subjecting the "have-nots" into the realm of nonexistence
It is the very tools of insanity that make us sane
And pushes us to accumulate bags and bags of insanity
This insanity is called wealth
And it allows us to wallow in the pleasures of this world
Creating a gigantic rift valley of inequality

It is not uncommon to clothe ourselves with Love
And it is common to hold hands and accept our insanity
Displaying our Love in the streets of life
We carelessly and recklessly parade our insanity
With no regards to the sanity of the scientists and other physical beings
With their narrow definition of reality
They have abandoned the rich dimensions of Love
With its abundant supernatural resources
And immense spirit of togetherness
The answer to all of our problems on earth
Probably lie hidden underneath the sand dunes of our sanity

They (scientists)have abandoned the phenomenon of Love
Which they cannot yet place in the scientific microscope
And have failed to come up with a logical explanation
To demystify the origin of this sacred phenomenon
They have now accepted to live side by side with the insanity called Love
Meanwhile allowing inequality to flourish
And poverty to ravish our lives

Friday, September 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: life,science,science fiction,spirit,spiritual,spirituality
Kenneth Maswabi

Kenneth Maswabi

Maun, Botswana
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