The Divine Eye Poem by Ricky Lewis

The Divine Eye

You spend your days teaching to obey
The world of a master yet to display
A true face yet he preaches to your masses
That his true form is just your own asses
Built in an image he wants to protect
Yet with one swift strike he’ll dissect
The heads of heretics and those who dissent
The hearts and minds who do not repent

A god forged of blood and iron, built to terrorize
And written in his pages a demand to compromise
Succeeded by those who distort his own decree
Transferred to the ears of the conquerors destiny

Raised on religious conquest and drive to deface
A conglomerate of business and moral code
The godly dollar sign enshrined in haloed grace
Paying for passage to the heavenly abode
Each suited and tied, their identity denied
Wading through a sea of blood and blades
The individual’s spark doused under holy divide
Conclude with baptized guns and grenades

The sacred pages that define
A shepherds cast to draw
The weak and weary befell
Should do no better than
Lead them straight to hell

Now in these days, those who have stayed
Come to endure, the pain it has made
For the lord revered in blood and in light
Just sets on a horizon every night

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