Peter Cloutier Jabalee

Rookie (December 17th,1990 / Montreal, Canada)

The Dog With No Name - Poem by Peter Cloutier Jabalee

There once was a dog,
That went with no name.
No love from his owner,
Although he was tame.

Although he was good,
He was hated by Jade.
A seed of his mother,
Who should have been spayed.

The hate from his owner,
Just couldn’t be cured.
He’d never see love,
For his blood wasn’t pure.

His mother a pure-breed,
He wasn’t a match.
But to not give a name,
And forget him behind a gate with a latch.

Did he really deserve this?
Or was she cold hearted?
He never once judged her,
But his hope had departed.

He almost preferred,
The days she didn’t feed him.
For when she remembered,
She tended to beat him.

Her thoughts were scorned,
When she often did strike.
For she had the son of her favorite,
Yet they looked nothing alike.

Years slowly passed,
And the dog with no name.
Gave up on all hope,
And thought he was to blame.

One day after feeding,
Jade had forgot.
To lock up the fence,
And freedom he got.

He ran like the wind,
Exploring the world.
Though dodging the people,
Except for the girl.

He met a young girl,
Around only twenty.
Feeding the dogs,
Who seemed to be plenty.

It’s then that he noticed,
None of them were struck.
And went to get fed,
Feeling he had found luck.

The girl watched,
As the dog began.
To enter the building,
She knew he had ran.

“Now why’d you run? ”
The girl wondered.
“This is not a place,
For dogs to be fond of”.

She stroked him slowly,
While he watched in delight.
He finally realized,
Jade’s behavior was spite.

The veterinarian found,
A cut on his body.
And scars from the past,
From the cuts slowly rotting.

She reached the point,
In which she had had enough.
When Jade walked in,
Appearing angry and rough.

As the dog backed away,
Jade quickly said.
“This is my dog”,
Thinking ‘and soon he’ll be dead’.

“What is his name? ”
The girl quickly asked.
What was his name?
Now that was a task.

Coming up with a name,
Jade called him over.
The dog backed away,
And her anger grew colder.

Not a moment too soon,
Two men then arrived.
And locked up her hands,
A job which they thrived.

While Jade was taken,
To a pound meant for owners.
The un-named dog,
Began to feel like a loner.

He sat once again,
Behind the lock of a cage.
Only this time there was,
Less space but no rage.

As time went on,
A family with kids.
Passed by his home,
And he never hid.

“I like him”,
They said as they looked.
He still feared the future,
But with hope he was hooked.

Finally he arrived,
Unto his new home.
All hands began petting,
And his heart was just flowing.

“What is his name? ”
They hadn’t named him yet.
The kids both agreed,
His name would be Rex.

February 20th,2014

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